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Yippeee day 3!

Hey guys, Day 3 has arrived and I awake to the sound of my daughter shuffling around in her cot, I love that noise! The evening passed by with no problems at all but the night wow that's a different story!! I was asleep by 10.30pm no problems there but I woke at 00.20 am, 01.30am, 02.40am, 03.15am then finally at 05.30am where I thought bugger it I'm getting up!

I crept outta the bedroom not to disturb my baby or misses then I woke the dog to take him out for a stroll (yes he was less then impressed as it was freezing!!! ha ha) and the craving for a ciggy was the worst since I quit! Luckily I was no where near work or a shop or I feel I may have had one.

Now it's 08.30 and I'm at work i'm feeling fine (a tad tired though! Expresso time me thinks!!!) and rather optimistic about the challenge of day 3 that lies ahead!

I feel healthier already (must be the hour walk this morning with the poor dog!), my fingers don't stink of smoke and I can look at my daughter without feeling guilty about smoking all the time.

KAREN are you about? How's day 3 going for you so far hun?

I know you are doing well as you are a non smoker now!



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Hey Del!

Sorry you aren't sleeping well, that must be tough. Hopefully it won't be for much longer :)

I'm doing ok, hoping that my carbon manoxide reading will be nice and low today to motivate me!

Have a good day hun


Well done all 3 of you :cool: ....and Diana, welcome aboard :)

As I mentioned yesterday sleeping issues can be a concern for most of us as our bodies tries to mend themselves from the years of poisoning that we subjected ourselves to. Interestingly our bodies also over compensated for vitamens a good idea would be to up your intake of them, cranberry juice is high in vit c. Soon your bodies will get used to a more normal and natural way of being....but already you'll notice the good to smell better, taste better, less smell of tobacco around you.

The w/end is coming up and with it the dangers of having a drink and thinking that a wee reward of a smoke for all the good work of the week. Nope, not the best as it'll put your right back to the beginning again. If you have night outs planned then build in escape plans for 'those moments' when your smoking buddies try to offer you a ciggie or similar situation. Possibly you may cut back on alcohol until you feel more able to manage soc-ialising *without the prop of a smoke.

Another thing to watch out for is that this forum gets a bit quiet over the w/end and it could feel a bit lonely as there isn't much posting going on. Don't worry about that, everyone is in this together and we all want to stop smoking and/or stay stopped. It's a great opportunity to read up on the forum or look at the links in sigs.

Keep on keepin' on,


*One can say shite or shit but can't say soc-ialising or ca-nal without the system moderating the words....sigh


Diana I hear you hun, the mornings are hardest for me too but it must be even harder for you having your son smoking in the house.

Try and resist temptation by applying the 3 minute rule (seems to be working for me) basically every time you crave a ciggy say in your mind if I still want to smoke after 3 mins I will smoke. During these 3 mins ask yourself :

1) why you want to smoke?

2) What will you feel like after smoking ?

3) Will not lighting up kill you or have any serious effect on your day?

4) Do I really need to smoke?

Weekends would be fine for me USUALLY as i rarely go out drinking these days as weekends are spent with my beautiful baby girl, BUT this sat I have a party to go to which will test my resolve to the limit! Most of my mates smoke too which does'nt help matters. But I will stick to my guns!!


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