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Just checking in

Well I wanted to stop by to see how some of my friends here were doing and I looks like most of you have been doing great- keep up the good work, It's nice to see. If anybody is considering starting again think of me with my "just one" about a month ago after a 3 month quit. What can I say? It definitely wasn’t the smartest thing I've done this year and I have given myself every great excuse I can think of as to why now is not a good time to stop again but I have run out of excuses and the truth is I'm just not ready to go through all that again (yet anyway) At least I am past the part of trying to save the last quit right? I wish I had better news and after 3 months I really thought I was past it. So much for that thought. I have no good advice to give other than don't get tricked into the "just one" because you will most likely have the same outcome I did.

Best wishes to everyone here and if you make the commitment to stop then please stay stopped as it will not get any easier the next time. I promise.

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