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Day 2 for me

and I wanna rip my head off. This is tough. I've had a few " F**k it, just go to the shop and buy 10 fags" moments today.

The cravings seem really bad at about 5pm, and then ease off around 7pm, same as in a morning when i get up.

I was thinking about giving in before, it would be so easy to just buy some, just that one puff. I even started crying earlier, is that normal? i'm not usually emotional, but i just really wanted one. When do the cravings start to ease??

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Hi Karen-

well done, you have had those "F it" moments, but havent smoked, thats brilliant!!

Yes, i know a few people who have had emotional side effects from quitting, but try to think of it as a good thing: its a DRUG and you are a DRUG ADDICT (NOT a nice thing to realise, but the quicker you realise it the better), and it will do ANYTHING to get more of that drug in your system. FIGHT IT! WITH ALL OF YOUR STRENGTH!

I nver say good luck, as its not luck you need, its sheer bloodymindedness and bucket loads of detemination!


Karen hang in there hun! I have had a few of the F"#k it moments too , I just keep telling myself " if I don't smoke that cig will it kill me? " and " what am I going to feel like after smoking it"

You oknow as well as I do that the answers to these are :

No it won't kill me if I DO NOT light up but it will kill me if I do light up.

After smoking the feeling will be of utter disappointment of coming this far and then throwing the towel in!

Be strong Karen WE CAN DO THIS!!!


day 2

ooh its a bit hard this eve but i can manage it, had those f**k it moment too Karen. How you doing now??

I'm quiting with Allen Carrs Easyway method

smoker for 25 yrs +



Stay strong hun, i know its not easy believe me i had those thoughts yesterday but somehow i managed to get through them but it is hard. Dont let the Nicomonster undo all your hard work, honestly tomorrow will be better. Try and find something to pass the time. I have taken up knitting and that has helped me lots.

Good luck hun, dont give in the feelings will pass.

Night x


Jo this post was from 2 weeks ago :P

George I'm doing ok, this was my day 2 post, i'm on day 17 now and it does get easier, stick with it hun.


Ooooops sorry hun, I only seen it had a new message on it and never checked the date. Glad all going ok though xx


day 6 now!!!!!

Jo this post was from 2 weeks ago :P

George I'm doing ok, this was my day 2 post, i'm on day 17 now and it does get easier, stick with it hun.

Thanks Karen, hope you doing ok - I'm on day 6 today - not too bad really, even been down the pub and round my chain smoking mate's house and not cracked. I seem to be much busier than before, which is no bad thing. After meals seems the worst at the mo.

Anyway good luck!!


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