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Fags vs me, Allen Carr and the gym

Nothing worse than an ex-smoker

Unfortunately there's nothing worse than an ex-smoker. Nobody likes to be told they are doing something that is harming them and as smokers we all knew the risk so being told about it didn't help (remember?) and only made us want to have another ciggie. If we care enough, and want to help someone quit then the best way is to buy them something to help; possibly a copy of Allen Carr's "Easy way to stop smoking" book, or better still, the CD's and ask them to read or listen to them; no lecturing involved :D

Pain, Boredom, Stress

Isn't it amazing how this wonderful drug is supposed to help with everything; Pain, Boredom, Stress, they're all seemably cured by smoking :D Unfortunately the reality is that it would probably be true to say that being addicted to any drug, or drinking a bottle of whiskey every night will help get rid of pain, help you sleep and relieve boredom! I wonder how many doctors recommend 20 B&H a day to help with that back pain?

As for stress, nicotine only gets rid of the stress of the craving, which gives us the artificial feeling of relieving stress. That first cig of the day sets off the silent craving and as the stress created by the craving increases, we have a cig to relieve it and get that wonderful feeling of relief; unfortunately we don't associate that good feeling with relieving the craving and think we are getting a kick off the cig (which in turn sets off the craving for the next cig). It is this cunning brainwashing by the nicotine that makes sure we stay smokers :D

Whilst knowing they are bad for our health and pocket, deep down we also believe that they are enjoyable and even after stopping we still "miss" them - that's why so many people start again even after months or years of stopping. We need to realise and understand that there is NO enjoyment from smoking before we can truly quit.

So endeth todays sermon :D

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:D :D

Good idea but they've got to want to do it too. I have tried it with family members and had it thrown back in my face.

And for tomorrows sermon? :)

You quit seems to be going good?


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