No Smoking Day
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Day 7 one week for me

Morning all today is my first week ever of being smoke free for years, doing really well now ,this weekend went pub twice and went to a party without any urge to go and smoke, was just laughing at people having to go outside for a cancer stick. enjoy the mornings strangely now because I don’t have a throat like gandys flip flop and feel more awake.

also loving smelling nice and not of smoke ,

strange how much you can smell other peoples now especially smokers .

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Ahh the nice smell, I will never stop enjoying that!

Congratulations Gary, you've successful leapt every hurdle thrown at you this weekend and come away with the gold medal. You should feel very chuffed with yourself.

Fantastic that you are feeling so up-beat and positive, long may it continue.

Lorraine :)


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