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Sucking/Chewing things

I'm just passed three weeks and for the first time I really feel like I've quit smoking. Before when I attempted to quit I always craved like hell but it's gone now, I can even stand with my mates while they smoke without wanting one. I've started to notice a difference in on how quick I get out of breath.

However I seem to have got rather....oral. I've always got something in my mouth- usually sucking or chewing on a pen. I don't even notice I'm doing it but it's not the most socially appropriate of habits or hygienic. I can't think why I'd have started doing it apart from it being smoking related. Anyone else get it?

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Well Sponge, I shall try to answer this without any innuendos or smutty references :o!!

I wouldn't be too concerned about the hand to mouth substitution, if it is working for you, which it certainly seems to be, go with it. Perhaps be a little cautious about what you are putting in your mouth, perhaps make sure you always have something to hand that won't upset the dentist too much. As you have become aware of it now, you might find that you naturally refrain from doing it quite so obsessively.

I would have thought that to a certain extent it is quite common. On the other side, I know smokers who constantly suck on sweets etc. when they aren't smoking cos they are so conscious of their breath etc, I certainly would get through a couple of packets of mints a week! People quitting use substitute plastic cigarettes etc. so you could always nominate a particular pen or pencil as your substitute, that way you wouldn't have to worry about the hygiene issue quite so much.

I really wouldn't worry too much though, as I said, you've become aware of it so it will probably just sort itself out.

Three weeks is fantastic and it's great that you are feeling really confident about the quit and reaping the benefits that come with it, don't let this concern spoil your achievement.

Lorraine :)


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