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15 weeks to christmas and the Penthouse

Hi Everyone,

Sorry to remind you that Christmas is looming in front of us. My intention was not to get you down thinking of the costs of buying presents, however buying presents this year for me is not, a problem, as I have saved £2,227, since I stopped smoking on 18th December 2009, and you might note that today is my ninth month off the fags and I am over the moon about this and the fact that I never have any urges for nicotine, but I have three times so far dreamed that I was smoking again and what a releif that was when I woke up and realised that it was a dream (nightmare?). Those of you who know me will also know that since I stopped smoking I have had a terible time with depression and this has been with me since the second month of my quit, and I am happy to say that I now have that under control with the St J W. Health wise I have never felt better (well maybe when I was 19) shows that there is nothing wrong with my memory, but seriously I fell great and I also had a Spirometer test done last month and the result was that my lung age was 60 , and the doctor said that he was shoked that someone of 55 who has smoked 30 a day for 35 years has a result like this, anyway I am prattling on again so thanks to my many freinds on this site who have helped and supported me to this point and I think we should adopt the Liverpool football club anthem as the name of this site " You'll never walk alone" thanks to all my friends and take care.


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Sorry Danny for not posting earlier, you have been beside me nearly all the way and well done on your 9 Months I am catching you up LOL wow is that a scary thought or what, we will be in the Penthouse for Xmas and no more puffs for us,

Again so many slaps on the back you are now prostrate on the floor :D and hows that for saving money I reckon you owe me a burger xxx


Hi Danny

Great to see your still doing so well and are now setting your eyes on the penthouse .... and beyond.

St JW really is worth tyring for anyone feeling an onset of blues when having quit. Many folk I quit with last October took it and felt the benefits during months 3 to 6.

Keep going Danny, maybe the next test will prove even better result wise. Great result anyway but chances are you could improve again given what you did get:)

All the best to you



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