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Fags vs Me, Max Kirsten & Allan Carr

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I decided to stop smoking a few of weeks ago and have been waiting for the "right time" to quit ever since. Unfortunately, from experience, I know that the "right time" is pretty non-existent so after finishing my last cig I decided, at 1:18am this morning, that this was as near to the "right time" as I was going to get.

Like anyone planning a great mission, I had to get myself "tooled up" with items to help stop the cravings. Unfortunately this isn’t the first time I’ve tried to stop and in the past have employed the help of nicotine patches, chewing gum, electronic cigs, plastic cigs etc. etc… you name it, I’ve tried it. This time I thought I’d go the cold turkey route and get myself a copy of Allen Carr’s book "Easy way to stop smoking" and download the Max Kirsten "Quit Smoking Now" hypnotherapy iPhone app (which I presume is the same as the CD he sells on his web site). The Max Kirsten program consists of a number of recorded sessions; a getting started session (4 minutes), a main session (46 minutes) to be listened to once a week plus a booster session (21 minutes) that you listen to each day.

I listened to the Max Kirsten 45 minute session this morning and I must admit I’ve not had the cravings I usually get with giving up, so that's a plus. The book is easy to read but does consist mainly of "I smoked 100 a day for 100 years and gave up so you can too", "cigs are bad for you", and "my method is the best" etc. etc. so initial reports are that i'm not overly impressed. I've only read the first couple of chapters so will persevere and carry on reading the book.

Looking forward to day 2...

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Hi and welcome to the forum good to have you here.

I have not heard of the Max person, but I have myself done Allan Carr, books and sessions. I found them to be useful but not the be all and end all.

You will find loads of help, support and advice on the forum. Take some time to look around and read the links, it will really help. Post often to rant or rave, ask questions or just spout off there is always someone around to listen and/or help.

Good Luck for day 2, and I am looking forward to reading your posts as you progress.

Thanks for the encouragement. I'll try and post as much as I can as that will hopefully keep me motivated. Max Kirsten has a web site (link below) if you want to take a look - I bought the iPhone application which is basically a number of sessions that you listen to through your headphones:

Max Kirsten

Quick update: After spending today avoiding people who smoked I had a call from a friend who smokes and wanted me to go around and help him with something. Anyway, he had 4 cigs whilst there (I counted them) and I must admit I didn't get the usual cravings - most other times I would have just had a cig and be back to square one but this time I'm quite proud of myself :D

Well done you, just saw this post before I went to bed, fantastic I hope you feel very proud.

I will try and have a look at the link later this week.

Just popping by to say hi and congratulations on your decision to quit. Personally i prefer the idea of going cold turkey, it's a nice fresh start if you like but as long as you get the result that is the main thing. You will find plenty of support on here to help get you through so please keep posting and don't be shy of asking for help when you need it!

I see you like flying?? might have to pick your brain. :D

I liked Allen Carr, keep with it, though I always say he doesn't quite give you the tools to stay long term quit and once you've gone a few months its quite easy to forget why you quit in the first place. Try the woofmang tales from the quit. They give very helpful tools to use once you are quit to keep you focused!

Thanks for the info. I'll definitely keep reading the Allen Carr book and will also take a look at the website you recommended. Anything to help keep the demons away :D

Good tools

I used Allen Carr easy way...Just keep reading it...Took me about 6 or 7 reads to really sink in.

6 weeks and no suffering going cold turkey(It's a new world and it's great)

I'm now reading Allen Carr 'ONLYWAY'... Really gets your head around the fact that SMOKING STINKS and does nothing.

I also used Max Kirsten...It was a bit crazy but it certainly helped

On top of that I used Andrew Johnson hypnotherapy... App on the iphone... but I didn't use the Stop Smoking App...I used the 'Success' App... It's really, really good.

So thats

Allen Carr 'EASYWAY' (read it over and over untill it sank in)

Allen Carr 'ONLYWAY' (reading it now)

Max Kirsten (Quit Smoking)

Andrew Johnson Hypnotherapy (Success)

I feel so great that I just want to keep on using them...

Time passes so quickly and that is the biggest healer of all.

Went to the beach yesterday with my to children and it was like I was seeing how great life really is. Beautiful.

I have the Allen Carr CD so have transferred the sessions to my iPhone and listened to it on the way to work and will listen again on way home.

I've also just downloaded the Andrew Johnson iPhone Stop Smoking app - you can never have too many people trying to hypnotise you :D :D - as long as it stops me lighting up!

So now my day will consist of:

Listen to Max Kirsten booster session before I get up

Listen to Allen Carr on way to work

Listen to Allen Carr on way home from work

Listen to to Andrew Johnson whilst going to sleep

So now I won't have enough time in the day to have a cig!!!! :p


Same here... No time for smoking due to hypnosis. FAB!!!

Try Andrew Johnsons 'Success'. it's not what you think. It's not telling you that you can be a millionaire popstar or anything like that. It just make you content with who and what you are. A success!

I only ever hear the first 2 to 5 mins of the hypnosis and then I'm asleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

I'm onto meditation next. And Drinking Matcha Green Tea. It's a natural boost which I think I am now addicted to.

Keep us posted :)

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