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No Smoking Day
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Hi all - brand new to the forum

A wee bit about myself - I'm 37, married with a wee boy who is 3 in October.

Started smoking :mad: when I was 16 and smoked about 20 a day. Met my now wife when I was 23 and she smoked also. Couple of years later we were saving up for a house so decided to stop smoking. Both didn't manage it cold turkey so decided to try acupuncture.

Walked out the clinic - I lit up a ciggie and Karen has never smoked since!

Fast forward about a year and we have our house and I am still smoking :mad:

Doctor recommends Zyben and hey presto - stopped smoking no problem. I was off them completely for about 5 years and then for some unknown reason I started back on them. Can't even remember why.

Anyway been trying to get back off them ever since really - tried more Zyben, gum, patches and cold turkey. All without success.

Went back to my doc about 4 weeks ago and asked for Champix. Told me I have to register and attend Smoking Cessation classes. Have now been to two of these classes and started on my Champix - now on day 10. MY QUIT DAY!!

Feeling really positive about it this time. I think I have just been smoking out of pure habit and not neccessity for the past couple of days.

Not had many side effects really - felt a wee bit sick and quite tired but small price to pay.

Anyway good luck to everyone - to be continued........ :D

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welcome to the forum. Full respect for keeping up the attempts to quit! The forum will give you the mental kickstart you need to educate your mind into realising the smoking is not worth it! Try the woofmang tales on my links or others, they are pretty good at giving a good insight and practical logical types to combat any craves. I was a longterm smoker. Quit many times with no real knowledge as to why I did. This time I used the forum and am over 18 months quit with my head firmly in the right place and tools in place if I ever waver.



Welcome to the forum also, keep us all updated on how your quit is going cos we are all here supporting each other - through the good and the bad xx


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