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quit for good

Im on day 3 today of my last and permanent quit, I have everything I need to do it, the cravings are pretty frequent and difficult but keep reminding myself that every time I want a cigarette and dont smoke one I am saving myself another 30p towards my car, and with every day that passes I am £7.50 at least closer to getting it. I am so sick of stinking, being skint, coughing, wheezing, struggling to walk up hills, HAVING to spark up a fag everytime I do ANYTHING, use the phonel, have a drink, eat some food, go outside, wait for a bus.... a thousand excuses to smoke. I hate smoking and have hated it for ages, I wish I could go back and tell my 12 year old self that it really isnt cool and its so hard to quit and then I might never have started!

anyway, I have quit now, and its giving me indigestion.

all good though, feeling positive about it!:D

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I feel exactly the same

I totally agree with the hold that cigarettes can have on a person's life. It had got to the stage where I was having 4 in the morning from waking to getting to work. I am saving up for my wedding next year and it really does help to have something to focus on. I have quit for 2 weeks and have paid a deposit on a fantastic wedding dress already.

Keep going you have almost got through the physical side of the quit which leaves the mental side (and sometimes it does leave you feeling a little mental) but it does get easier.

Keep going



Oooh! congratulations on finding the perfecvt dress, thats excellent! I hear you about smoking 4 just to get going in the morning, I could sit and chain smoke that many whilst drinking a healthy smoothie.... and completely cancelling out any of the health benefits by having a fag hanging out of my mouth!

I had some success for about 6 months giving up before, so I know that for me, although the initial stages of giving up are incredibly difficult, its staying stopped that presents the biggest challenge, its almost as though I forget how hard it was to quit and think 'ah, one fag won't hurt' but it does and I just give up giving up then!

Yeah I think you are right about the mental side of things being v. difficult, I think sometimes it gets overlooked by professionals how emotionally attached we are to our ciggies as a way of coping with stress and difficult feelings, that can be really hard to let go of. well done on your 2 weeks though, thats awesome!!!


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