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Day 5

Okay well I just wanted to post as when I was first quitting I didnt think it would ever get easier so I wanted to let people know it does!

I have smoked for 12 years was most recently on 30 a day, not working as off sick, not the happiest person in the world so always hard when cigs are that pleasure when you have a shitty day.

Anyways I am on day 5 now and I think about cigs less and that feeling of wanting one and how amazing its going to taste as faded loads. I am prolly eating a little more but got loads of chewys and mints to suck on.

I am proud of myself and I have that carbon monoxide or dioxide test tomorrow so lets see what a difference 5/6 days make eh.

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you will be amazed how your breath test result has come down:)

you sound positive and a week done is very near.

well done . keep posting and let us know how you are .drink lots of water -and read all the forum wisdom over and over again :D



I feel really positive, I think because I have lasted longer than a couple hours I know this is my life now, and reading somewhere on here last night I suddenly realised that one day I will meet someone who didnt know I ever smoked, how man is that! x


Well done Natalia Rose!

You are right, it does get easier. I am day 7 now, and feel brilliant!


Great news,

If it's getting easier on day 5, you must be doing really well. Your carbon monoxide levels will have come right down too, that always made me feel great.

Just be cautious for that nico monster, he will try and make it a little less easy for you!! But well done on doing so well!!



My new carbon monoxide score is 2!!!!! From 36 to 2.

Yesterday was quite hard and today slightly less ut still not easy. My boyfriend was meant to be quitting but he got fags today which was hard to see. Just glad I was strong enough not to cave with him.


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