im back again

hi folks,

its been 12 months since i was here,

i gave up my quit,and its took me this long to take the plunge to have another go.

i am now half way through day two.

looking forward to being with friends old and new along my journey .

i am ashamed to admit i have smoked 48 yrs of my life.:eek:

need to stop now ,so i will have a life left.

ollie xxx

4 Replies

  • hello:)

    you are back with all the wisdom of the last quit.

    and it is worth it xx

    bet you meet a few old pals -and make new ones .

    glad to meet you :)

    not doing this alone is the biggest incentive for me.

    good luck xx

  • Welcome back Doey :D

    You know you can do this, just hang on in there.

    Gaynor x

  • hi doey,

    good to meet you on day 2

    Hope this is the one for you mate:)

  • thanks everyone,

    im going to give this my best shot.

    see you on day 3

    doey x

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