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Newbie Poster - 11th Day

I'm not finding this week as easy I had hoped it would be and I really want to get to that stage where I'm not missing smoking or feeling like I'm depriving myself of something pleasurable!!!!

I have stopped smoking before, once for a year when I was in my early 20's then again 6 years ago for almost a year. I started again each time using stress as a trigger, kidded myself I would just get over this hurdle then quit again as I hadn't found it such a nightmare to stop smoking. However, I wasn't able to stop smoking immediately after the stressful situations were over, the nicotine hold struck fast and lasted years before I had the resolve to quit again. The really stupid thing was the last time I started was because I'd been diagnosed with breast cancer - of all the ridiculous times to start had to be then!

Anyhow it's taken me another 5 years and about 6 quit attempts to get to this stage of determination. This time is harder than the other times I quit.

I tried Zyban which worked the previous time I quit but not this time, Champinex which made me feel really poorly (but worked miracles on my dad), patches - couldn't stand them and they made me sick.

I am using up to 6 pieces of 4mg gum but have concerns. Having read some other smoking sites on the web feel that I would have been better going cold turkey because I am still having nicotine and that when I reduce the gum intake I will go through withdrawal symptoms again!

How true is this? Am I just prolonging things? I didn't really look into this beforehand. I thought Nicotine replacement therapy was replacing the nicotine with something else other than nicotine.

Anybody out there who can shed any light on this?

To be honest I don't feel like I could go without the chewing gum completely just yet and thought only having up to 6 wasn't too bad this stage in the game.

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Look slow down a bit hun. You Have quit, doesn't matter how long for. What matters is you keep it up. It doesn't matter how you do it so long as you do. All the advice with any nrt is a guide line. At the end of the day it's better to be on that than fags. In an ideal world we wouldn't need any of it but depending on how strong we feel determines how we think we can do it. I stopped for 2 years & within that time was treated for breast cancer & funnily enough did not get the urge till my chemo finished, fought it for 3 moonths every day till I bought 10, smoked half & chucked them out. Slippery road though.

Moral is, always be on your guard, try not to slip but if you do, get back on it as soon as you can.

G xxx


Hi Careful shopper.

I've been quitting since end of January this year. Using the nicotine gum or patches. Each time I cracked and smoked again it was when I was trying to cut down the NRT too quickly. This time I'm quit for 44 days and I'm chewing 6 2mg nico-gums a day.

Not a day goes by when I don't have a big discussion with that voice in my head that wants me to get off the gum. But I want to stay quit smoking more than I want to get off the gum. If I have to stay on the gum for a year I'll do it. If I have to up the number of gums I use a day to get through a bad patch I'll do it.

On Monday me and my son are off on the train to the seaside for a few days. The journey takes 3 and a half hours in total and includes a train change at Birmingham New Street. Instead of having to leave my son with the luggage and run like mad for the exit to try to get outside and squeeze in a quick rollup I'm looking forward to being able to just pop a gum in my mouth. That is freedom!


well done

:)you should be proud of yourself. 11 days is good going. im on my 10th day and its had its up and downs. first 4 days was wondering what all the fuss was about, but it soon hit me.

ive been on patches. today was my first day ct and its been ok but if it gets too much for me i'll be puting on another patch on. yes chewing the gum you are still getting the nicotine but your not putting all those toxins in your body .

the whole point of nrt is your reducing your intake of nicotine over a period of time and to get out of the habit of smoking.

your doing really well you are no longer a smoker. keep it up:D


Thank you!

thank you all for taking the trouble to reply to my post.

I had a good day yesterday, managed to eat out at friends and sink a bottle of wine without thinking about a fag! Today has been a bit more of an effort but not too bad!

Bought some 2mg gum yesterday and feel a bit better on it.

Although I have been a bit irritable and felt a wee bit stressy, it's nothing to how stressed I used to be when I was smoking. I was definitely more crabby as a smoker who was not able to smoke for a length of time (on public transport etc) than I ever am now as a quitter!



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