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Day 2!

Hi all.

Today is day two for me, I put my patch on Tuesday night altho I did have 1 Wednesday morning its now 3am Friday so its day 2 I think hehe!

I have tried to quit smoking so many times but its always been because I couldn't afford it or someone else wanted to quick but I am off work sick at the moment (long term) and after another night without sleep I smoked the last of my second packet that day, YES 40! Thats what made me realise I had to stop.

I have smoked for about 12 years and never managed to quit for more than a couple of hours so day 2 for me is huge!

I am struggling tho and know that if I had a stash anywhere I would have failed (there is defiantly something to be said for not hiding any) But at the moment I am finding reason to keep smoking rather than stop and its really hard. I just would love to speak to someone who had quit and can be honest about how long the constant need for a fag lasts. I am worried that I will continue to think about fags 24/7 and its killing me.

Any advice is appreciated. x

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Hi Natalia

Good that you made it this far...I understand the feeling and it can last for the rest of your life unless you re-programme your way of thinking.

Here's what you do if you haven't already. Go to Amazon and buy Allen Carr's EASYWAY to stop smoking...Link below Costs the same as a packet of fags.

Note the 5 stars and the mountain of reviews...

I believe this is the only way to avoid a lifetime of thinking you need cigarettes.

If you are serious about getting free please read it (maybe you have already)

Good Luck


One of the hardest things to do is to stop thinking about cigarettes as a friend and to treat them like the enemy they are. Just remember they are trying to kill you.

When i quit i counted the hours i had managed not to smoke, each hour that i didnt smoke was an accomplishment to be proud of. As the cravings lessened, the time counted turned to days then weeks and now months. The first week was the worst for me by far, i never have to go through that ever again and that feels great.

You'll still want a cigarette in the next few weeks and months but dont be afraid of that, they wont have the hold on you that they currently have and saying no is so much easier.

Soon you'll be feeling all the health benefits of having stopped smoking, this will give your quit a boost and help to reinforce the idea that cigarettes are not your friend. Keep your chin up and remember that the crappy way you're feeling right now WILL pass.


Thanks for your replies guys. I am litrally counting the hours at the moment and I know its only a 53 hours bit thats a lot for me so it is something I am proud of. When I went and did my carbon dioxide test before I quit my reading was 36 and considering 20 is a heavy smoking I am looking forward to seeing the difference and I know that will definatly help :)

One step at a time I guess. I will definatly have a look at the Allen carrs easy way to stop smoking but sadly little short until the end of the month (funny how we can always afford cigs some how isnt it hehe)


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