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Day 5 -

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all doing ok and feeling strong. I'm on day 5 today and today has been fine - I haven't even shouted at anyone! Something I read on another post though that sounded familiar - thoughts along the line of actually, I don't want to give up smoking!! It's happened twice today although no strong cravings thankfully.

I have to say I cannot tolerate inactivity or boredom for a second. The minute I have nothing to do or I have to wait for something I can feel my old self reaching for the baccy. I've gone into a bit of a cleaning frenzy - even when I'm on the phone I wiping something down!!! I feel quite hyped up but that may be the champix.

Anyway, heading for one week and I can honestly say things are not as bad as I thought!

How's everyone else doing?

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Hi Siana

I felt hyper for about a week and a half - put it down to being chuffed with myself combined with the champix. The flat was the cleanest it's been for years but sad to say it's worn off now :o I was terrified of quitting and becoming a non smoker because I thought I'd change and that was on my mind for a while after I quit - niggly thoughts of 'I don't want to do this' but it does pass and even now when I have bad days I'm still happy to be a non smoker!!

Well done on your five days you're doing great :)


Hi siana

well done 5 days is good.. but remember there would of been times when you smoked you got bored.. just take it slow little steps hour by hour it will get easier as each day passes.. you are already nearly a week ..:)

cant comment on champix did not use it myself but i'm sure someone will be able to give you advice on that.. keep reading and posting..



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