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38 days!

Just wanted to give an update. Yes, yes, yes! 38 days nicotine free. Thank goodness. In my fourth week, I've had some strong psychological craves in the morning. Nothing I would ever act on. They do go away. I recognize them for what they are, and then let them go. Just from stress you know? Nothing else. Nothing is ever a good reason to have a cigarette. I now refuse to be physiologically addicted to anything. Anything. The psyche craves I have will eventually wane, I had too many days, nights, just time increments, to prove that I'm getting used to NOT SMOKING A CIGARETTE. I'm so glad I educated myself enough to really look at the big picture.

That being said, though I do not, and will not, ever smoke again, this experience has shown me, how truly strong nicotine addiction is. And how psychologically pervasive it can still be for a time, once the drug is out of the brain/body. Good Lord!

Thankyou, and I hope everybody is well, and nicotine free, or on their way to becoming, nicotine free! We can do this!!!!!!!!! Here's to walking the walk!:) Love, Teresa

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Hey Teresa,

Amazing your quit and you sound so clued up! Education is the key, and without it I doubt most of us would be on here still quit!

Still be prepared though, all that education, them scary pics and the facts and horrible diseases we read about, when you get a huge craving you can forget what you've learnt so always be on your guard!

You are right, the addiction is immense, I never gave it that much credit! It does take you to some pretty strange places and very dark and miserable times too, but can gladly say that it really does get easier and easier and is the most worthwhile thing I have ever done!

Keep going strong and good luck!

Shelly XX :D


Welldone you for getting to four weeks smoke and nicotine free, you will be suprised how fast the time will pass now, I never realised till now how much I wanted and needed to quit smoking and I say every day to myself that I will do my best never to smoke again and thats become my Motto, I cannot swear that I want ever ever smoke again because I feel lf and did it would seem like to much pressure so I go for one day at a time which has taken me past seven months, I hope you can find whatever way works for you and stay smoke free for life.


Hi Teresa, great post and yes it's so so true, if you can understand it thoroughly from an anatomy, physiology and psychological point of view it's easy!!!!!! Who would want to smoke after understanding all of this. I read an d read in the early days to keep my mind focused and if i remember rightly i think you did too. :)

Well done, nice to hear you upbeat and sounding positive and well as usual. :)


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