No Smoking Day
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Why did I say yes?

I'm on day 41 not-smoking. This quit is going really well. Yes I feel tired, grumpy and physically ill most of the time but I've had hardly any cravings at all.

So earlier today a friend asks me if I can pass on 250g of duty-free tobacco to another friend. And I, without thinking, say yes. So here I am sitting on all this tobacco which I won't get shot of until tomorrow night. Doh!

Anyway, I won't crack. I am DETERMINED to stay smokefree for the rest of my life.

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hi :):)-you named after the star constellation ?? got me thinking !!!

you said yes cos you know you are strong. you will pass it over and be well proud : you are a non smoker now -healthier and wealthier . so near 50 days .

congratulations -and boy I know all about being grumpy and tired all the time :eek:

it does get better I am told . being grumpy is my norm -but not knackered xxxx


Yep Sue, agree with sky, you said yes coz you're a nice friend and can easily handle things like this now! Its no big deal, just a pouch of filthy tobacco that some poor bugger is going to pollute their body with soon lol :D

You'll be fine:D, nice to hear from you again, Shelly XXX


Well done for staying smoke free. :) As for being grumpy....can't comment, i don't get grumpy EVER, i find snpping then apologizing more satisfying. :D


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