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9 months smoke free

Hey guys, sorry its been ages.. I just wanted to let you know I have now been smoke free for a whole 9 months yay!!! In that time I have just had 2 puffs which have nearly killed me lol. I am definitely a non smoker now and I know from my heart that I will never be a smoker again..

Its such a lovely feeling not being addicted to the ciggies anymore :o) xxx

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Hi Michelle

Good to hear from you and with your news of 9 months quit.

A good few words of encouragement in your post to for people reading ahead .... in the early days/weeks it can be hard to envisage a time when smoking is relegated to the past. Posts like yours help give hope and will encourage folk to keep going.

Drop in again ........... not long really to a years quit :cool:

Pol x


9 Months is a great milestone, well done you, 3 more and you will be in the Penthouse, give yourself a slap on the back.


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