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Starting Month 3!

Well i now have two full blip free months of non smoking under my belt and although i'm proud of myself i can't say i found it that easy.

However... i won't be beaten. I've endured some tough times at work recently, just normal working days really which were made that bit harder due to nicotine cravings. I've also been having some mood swings which may or may not be related to quitting, nothing major but i tend to zone in on bad feelings sometimes when i should be letting them go. And finally i am now offcially the heaviest i have ever been, 4 kgs have snuck up on me out of nowhere. Never mind where they came from i want them gone! I could of done with losing a few before i started to quit now i've ended up with more!

So anways... quit is going fairly well. Ups and downs yes... but i never feel like caving in. I'm now considering some diet options and certainly planning on getting a little bit more exercise. Unfortunately, the last few days i've started to get a tickly cough in the back of my throat which is not nice and is a great excuse for not exercising or starting to diet. Again, i'm not sure if its quit related, there are a few guys on my ship just now who have the most dreadful coughs you could imagine. Neither of them smoke so there is some kind of nasty virus going around for sure. I'm just hoping mine clears up and doesn't get any worse.

And Roll on Month 3. Terrible for some i know but i'll take each day as it comes! :)

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Hi James

Congrats on your 2 months - month 3 will be easy :) The whole weight thing will happen when you're ready - I've only started exercising over the last month but have to admit I'm enjoying it so far.

Stay strong - you're doing brill :D


Hi James,

Really really well done, you have a great attitude and it takes courage to admit you still find it hard and the moods and the weight.............its not easy beating this flipping addiction is it??

I feel the same, its really hard to determine whether the mood swings are all quit related, they feel it to me sometimes, the weight gain I spose will all level out (thats what I keep telling myself) and caving in is never an option!!

Dont go into month 3 expecting it to be bad, everyones different, for me it was good day bad day, good week bad the days are mostly good or very good and I spose can only get better!

Keep positive and congrats on doing so well,

Shelly :D


Look at it this way Tao, with not smoking you will live longer so you will have more time to loose the weight.

Hang in there the from what I've read the weight thing is only temporary


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