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Feeling and smelling good


Day 3 and feeling pretty dam good. no cravings that ive noticed. my clothes smell good. my car stinks not that i noticed before and the other love of my life coffee tastes fantastic.

but im worried. it all seems to easy. im on the patches 24hrs dreams are a bit funky but that seems to be the only side affect. surely giving up smoking cant be this easy ive been a smoker for 18yrs. 20 plus a day. when do the side affects kick in??????:confused:

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Hi Sleezy, the side effects kick in whenever you want them too, no only jesting, there are so many that maybe you are not going to get any because you haven’t read what they are yet, oops I will get well and truly slated for that but to a certain extent after 3 days the gunk is out of your system and all individuals feel different so if you feel good don’t knock it, it might be the start of a quit with no side effects and that’s what you want so just go with the flow, well done any way as you sound up beat and happy and things can only get better it doesn’t have to be bad, keep well hydrated and as for the car stinking a day of cleaning it and the windows open and some air freshener will soon sort that, isn’t it nice to smell clean mmm what a change from pongy fag smells x

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