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Day 8 thats starting week 2


Well i am now into week 2 of my not smoking. Feeling good about it. Finding some days easier than others. Feel as if i have a bad cold must be all the bad stuff coming out, well better out than in eh! Still bad tempered but think i was bad tempered while i smoked so thats nothing new! Dont sit still for long feel when i sit i think and i think about smoking. So my new rule is keep on th move and keep busy. :)

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Hi Dido

Well done on getting to your second week :) like you I found I had to keep busy for the first few weeks - the flat was spotless :D try some magnesium and B vitamin supplements as they're good for lifting your mood and giving you a bit more energy - definately helped me. Stay strong and ride out those not so good days :)

Week two already Dido

Superb just superb, great quit you have got going there now you should be really proud of yourself as you have done brilliantly :)

Hi Dido, you are doing OK remember how you felt at the beginning and now you sound so much better, a lot more positive, it’s not a fast process this quitting lark I can promise you, but the further into the quit you get the better you will feel, all the rubbish is out of your system now so you are left with the psychological withdrawal part, that for me was the worst part, but others find that the easiest to deal with, we are all so different and each piece of the jigsaw falls into place at different stages for each quitter.

Take each day as it arrives and tell yourself that you just want smoke today and see how you feel tomorrow, that way the pressure is not quite so hard to deal with if you only quit one day at a time.

Post often and let us all share your good and your bad days and I hope that you want have any of those, but also remember you cannot know what a good day feels like if you don’t have a bad one to compare it too.

Take care and be kind to yourself.


Thanks guys, i will try some magnesium and vitamin B see if it helps. My house too is spotless keep doing all the jobs i put off doing. just going to start ironing so that will keep me busy for a while. Got some of the chewing gum this morning was quite surprised it tastes ok and lasts for ages so am just going to keep chewing my way through this. i have heard that it can be addictive so will chew one bit of that and then try a bit of ordinary gum see how that goes dont want to get addicted to something else, that seems to defeat the object doesnt it. Must go ironing awaits!!!:rolleyes:

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