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Passive Smoking & Nicotine Intake

Hi folks

I was at my smoking cessation group Tuesday past. Been quit for 23 days now. I recently came off the Champix. Champix puts the nicotine receptors to sleep, I am told, and covers them so nicotine can't get in. I was also told once I stopped taking Champix don't even think about Just one Puff as this will re-awaken the sleeping nicotine receptors and well we all know what happens after that.

So I asked the cessation nurse another question; Now that Champix is not blocking the nicotine receptors in my brain, is there a risk of re-awakening my nicotine receptors if exposed to smoke (no choice) passively for lengthy period of time in a persons home I visit?

The answer wasn't as I expected, "No, not really", the cessation nurse replied. I would be exposed to all the nasty life-limiting chemicals hanging in the air but there would be Insufficient Nicotine in the Air to Re-awaken the Nicotine Receptors in the Brain. I would need to draw on a cigarette directly for that to happen.

So from this information I was provided by NHS cessation I come to this conclusion:

Passive smoking is very bad for your health and limits life expectancy, CO and all the other poisons in the smokey air but it does not contain enough nicotine to restart your organic nicotine addiction or re-awaken the nicotine receptors in your brain after stopping Champix.

Was the information I was given correct?


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Well done Andrew for staying so strong in spite of obstacles in your quit.

I'd be inclined to agree with the nurse because nicotine has a short life apparently as it's an insecticide. It's the oily residue that creates the browning on cigarettes, nicotine is happier in water and when burnt as a tobacco doesn't exist as easily.

Just food for thought Andrew, beware of the nicodemon leading you down the path here, saying to you that because of work you are forced to be around nicotine and therefore your receptors are being awakened again. Protect your quit and keep strong, don't let the nicodemon win by conning you into smoking again. Think of all you've already gone therough the challenges met and beaten and never take another puff.

Onwards and upwards Andrew.



Hi Andrew I would totally agree with the cessation Nurse in that breathing in others smoke will not ignite your nicotine receptors again, but it will still leave you in a position where you are getting some of the worst bits of smoking and it is not even self inflicted, not fair is it, there should be a mask you could wear and maybe make others feel guilty for making you suffer there bad habit, yes I know we were smokers but we have chosen to quit and therefore others should respect our choices and if they know you have quit then the half an hour you are in there house surely they could do with out a cig while you are there, especially if you are going into their homes to give them assistance.

Do you not get bad throat and chest after breathing it in as I did after I mixed with smokers while on Hols.


Well that is why e cigarettes are safer as they do not have any risks for passive smokers! No tobacco, nicotine and paper burning is involved in e smoking!


Not because of the nicotine but I find just smelling someone elses cig or watching them breath in makes me sooooo want a drag so much I have to drink some of my fav pop or eat something (I always think I can't smoke if eating a biscuit cause the crumbs will go in my throat.. crazy but it was part of what got me to cut down drastically and hoping will help me go CT too)

Try keep away or ask people not to smoke so obviously infront of you, if at all possible, or find something else to look at or do with your hands, or trust me your mind will be screaming GIVE ME SOME GIVE ME SOME GIVE ME SOME.


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