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Day 2 - Breaking the routine!!

So here I am on Day 2 (well technically at 3pm this avo I will have gone 24hrs) So this is my first morning without a cigarette in many months. The thing about me and smoking in the morning is my routine. Get up (tea and fag) have a shower and moisturise (fag) do my make-up (fag) dry my hair (fag) get dressed (fag) get in car to go to work (fag)......That's 6 cigarettes before my day's even begun. Even writing it down like that makes me see just how much I've deluded myself that I didn't smoke that much!!!

I set my alarm for half 7 this morning fully planning a long walk with the dog etc but just couldn't face this morning somehow and didn't get up till half 9. My poor pooch has had to make do with the garden and I'm probably going to be running late for work by the time i get sorted but instead I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself.

The sad fact is, that without cigarettes, I'm a bit of a miserable bitch....but hopefully in a few weeks; at least I'll be a miserable bitch with glowing skin and fresh breath......

PP xx

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hi penguinpower

day 2, brilliant...a miso biath without smoking is a better one :D

well done you:)


no that feeling

thanks for message. day 2 not been too bad, theres been a few moments when ive thought ive really needed a fag but not sure whether thats habit or cravings its hard to tell the difference.

here comes day 3 hope day 2 wasnt too bad for you.

spk soon;)


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