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Trying AGAIN!

Well I'm back again trying to quit! I have the patch on and man I hope I can make it this time, the trying over and over is just wearing me out! I beat myself up when I fail then I get upset cause I'm smoking and then try again only to fail again. I have made a small goal for me which they say to take baby steps and this time that is what I will do and not think to large.

So patch is on again and will do it one day at a time!


Last cig at 10:00pm 8-3-10 (mom's bday)

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hello Michelle,

you are back trying -and that is great. so many of us know the frustration of losing a quit-so do not beat yourself up about it -and make this the one :D

read loads -I did and still do almost compulsively. till it almost a mantra :eek:

but it sticks and so helps .

post often and let us know how you are xx


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