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No Smoking Day
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day 6

Day6 started ok got patch on and am sucking lozengers when i feel the urge havent used the inhaler much dont think it was helping, so got the mini lozenges bought the 4mg but found them too strong and tasted disgusting. I have halved them and they are not bad last a long time so seem to be helping when I feel the urge.

Day 5 yesterday wasnt very good, I felt i needed a cig all day was feeling awful was a looong day! but todays another day. Keeping busy to keep my mind occupied so not thinking. How long will i feel like this? i hope it gets easier so i can get up and do normal stuff without thinking of smoking. suppose its like being a kid you always want what you cant have and whinge about it. Sorry for moaning but just getting it out my system.

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Hi Dido don’t knock it you are doing really well, I think day 6 without committing murder is really good and I promise it does get better but can’t give you a definite time as we are all different and some say they feel better after days some weeks and some months, either way it is your health that improves first and your state of mind after, you will soon feel the benefits and just try to think that you smoked maybe 20 a day at 3 mins a cig so that means you only smoked for one hour a day, and also drink plenty of water, it really helps to detox your body of all the bad chemicals you have been using, keep posting and as for ranting and raving go for it x


you are doing grand Dido:) nearly a week under your belt so keep going .

and there was never a moodier old mare than me .keep posting and let it out.

we do understand ;)

better times are coming I promise .xxx

your skin will start to glow and you will feel healthier. the money you are saving means a decent treat for you -and only you;)

aand if the craves come as they will -come on here and chat , moan cry , laugh whatever.it really helps :D



Day 7 a whole week

I can't believe i've gone 7 days today has been good long may it continue. Thought i was doing well until kids informed me i have been bad tempered all week so i asked them would you rather i smoked or shouted. They both agreed on the latter at least they can walk away when i am shouting :mad:

Going out for lunch tommorow, other girls don't smoke so that wont be a problem. Hubby now only smoke's in back garden, so at least he is trying to help. Said he will see how i get on and then try himself. he has quit a couple of times before so he can do it, but says hes not in right frame of mind at moment wich i understand but says it is coming. Feel this site has helped me i enjoy reading all the posts and tips and find it very interesting. Everyone has been encouraging and friendly. Thanks to you all.


hello :)

it is the school holidays and all mums are a bit short tempered I would think:) why are they so long ?:mad:

hope your husband joins you in quitting -but I agree he has to get the mindset right. got to be prepared in all ways and read loads.

well done you though -a week done and never to go through again . xx


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