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1 Year for Bradders

A 365 day, blip free, shiney, sparkling quit..... :D

Walk, or run, with great pride into the Penthouse Bradders.........there are few here who deserve it more than you.

You have welcomed all that came after you. Been here for their highs and their lows but never asked for help when you had dark days (I am sure you must have had some) :rolleyes:

You never moaned about the craves, complained about the mood swings, showed a minute of depression, cried over bleeding gums, shouted about the insomnia....actually scrub that I am sure I remember something about you not sleeping.....:p

No, you have remained quietly and steadfastly sure in your own quit, through your own highs and lows, showing a determination and willpower that can only be admired. An awesome inspirational example of a quit.

So well done to you........sit back and smugly enjoy your 366th are firmly and undisputedly a NON SMOKER

Still my hero.....:)


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I second that .....WELL DONE Bradders:D....and WELL SAID Lorn;)


Well done, a fantastic quit, strong and long - the best kind. I hope you enjoy you entrance into to the Penthouse and all the smoke free days after.


Good to see you in the house Bradders, have a fantastic time here, all the hard work is done but keeping a weather eye on the nicodemon is a good policy in my opinion.

Congrats once again Bradders; a well deserved entry into the 0.5% club!



Bradders, 1 whole year your a star.....

couldnt word it any better then what Lorna said *post correction lornas we know he is a moaning get really stop being nice for today :D

I couldnt thank you enough are real & kept your quit real .....never given into temptation to smoke...stayed strong & focused....and Of course made us all laugh along the way.

A lady says she wants to well done you.......except she stinks of fags.:D


she said she would like to be in the penthouse hot tub...but it wouldnt seem appropriate coz she hasnt earned it :p


Wow bradders .. one year quit how amazing is that.. :D

CONGRATULATIONS.. enjoy the view from the penthouse you have certainly earnt it.. well done



Well Done Bradders, One Year is a major quit and I hope you go on to do Two Years with as much ease.


what an amazing quit Bradders :D congratulations and a hearty hug to you.

Lorna said it all :)

you have never posted your own bad days -just got on and brought so many of us back from the brink with your empathy and humour.

A true gent Mr Bradders .

hope the penthouse has some Boddies in the fridge -and dorries with dip-and cream scones -and doughnuts with strawberry jam xx

cos -you mate are ..... sooooooooooooo worth it .:cool:


A huge WELL DONE bradders, what a great quit. You have given some excellent advice on here and I for one truly appreciate it. You take a long soak in that hot tub in the Penthouse, you so so deserve it :D


Big Well Done Bradders, hope you gave yourself a well deserved gift and pat on the back, great achievement.



Can't really top what Lorna and the others have said about you :) You're always there and never moan - well not proper moans anyway - just man grumbles :rolleyes:

Just wanted to say you've been my rock on here and for that I luv ya Mr B :D

Pooks xx



Guys huge thanks for all your nice words and messages big speech just wish everyone good luck with their quits and hope you all get as much out of this forum as i have ...because without it and the people on here i wouldn't have done it at all.........:)


Hands up from cheryl for one year quit

and fro me too xxxx



Sorry for the late congrats Bradders, soon as I realised I rushed off to get you a cake...............hope ya like it.................


Well you have been a great help to lots of people on here and personally it has been really fun laughing at you (sorry with you) about our shared love of doughnuts and your terrible taste in football teams............and even worse taste in geordie women!!

Your sarcastic wit and humourous one liners have been really boooooring (sorry interesting) to be a part of and how you have made it to one year without exploding from an overdose of bakewell tarts/pastries and double cream is astonishing!!

Seriously though you are a totally genuine, honest and relatively funny guy and I am so pleased for you...........I borrowed a pair of binoculars to peek into the penthouse and think I caught a glimpse of you about to do a bomber into the pool..............


Nice job Bradders!! :D


LOl shelley..............................just lol


LOl shelley..............................just lol

:D:D ditto


Hey Bradders, missed this one...but a huge CONGRATULATIONS for reaching 1 smug must you feel???

Please stay on here and keep the rest of us going!!:):)


Just in time, can't miss 1 Year occasions

:cool: Well done you on getting a year done and with a clear journey too.

All the best with continued smokefreedom... :)


Well done Bradders, you've been a real inspiration to me, when i first came on here you were 7 months quit and your ct advice was spot on and to be honest i did cling to your advice, it was like words of wisdom from aan ex smoker but honestly you were an enormous help to me so thanks for being there and yes a massive congrats to you, 1 years is excellent.

As a gift from me here is a luxury plane for you to take a ride in to wherever you want because your free now!


Congratulations, Bradders!! Lovely to have you join us all in the Penthouse! Never had a doubt you wouldn't make it ;) WELL DONE!


Big claps and hurrays for you Bradders. Very pleased and proud that you came past the winning post. Make sure you keep on staying positive and active on this forum for a long time to come! Well done to you! x


Massive congrats on your year quit!!!

Enjoy your penthouse experience!

Very well done!! x :D


Sorry, i keep missing everyones one years...(Not that i'm jealous of you smug lot or anything)

Well done bradders.

Hot tub hunk for you? No, thought not- I'd post a Ms Cole one, if i could, that is!


Late here...sorry :o

A year...and lots more to come. Doing good Bradders, well done for getting into the penthouse...a marathon means staying the course and I'm sure you'll stay this course :cool:



A huge well done mate. Well deserved!



Well done Bradders.........a whole year is fantastic news welcome to the penthouse mate . :D

Sorry about the late post as I dont come in here much these days .

Best wishes for a happy smoke free year 2.:cool:



Sweet bro, great quit and great things you do on this form, best wish's. Bev, AG and I are joining you soon so please don't pee in the hot tub or pool and please if any pictures are posted for these events NO SKINNIE GIRLS!!!! I likum with a little bit of meat ya know. That does not mean super fat either LOL. Again congratz Bradders!!!!:D


One year is HUGE. Well done Bradders, must be nice up there in the Penthouse!

Lorraine :)


So sorry i missed you..

........But i was out of the country for two weeks. You have truly been an absolute diamond on this site. Without your cheerful words of wisdom i'm sure many wouldn't still be non-smokers.

From me a huge congratulations and many, many, many thanks for all your support. :D


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