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No Smoking Day
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day 4

Hello everyone, now on day 4 hasnt been so bad today. Been out this afternoon took a bottle of water, couple packets of mints and some chewing gum. Chewed the gum, sucked the mints and drank the water but didnt have a cig, in fact didnt think about it much today. When i got in the house had a desire for a cheese sandwich so i made one and really enjoyed it. I think my taste buds are coming back! Realised i havent put a patch on today was late getting up and showering and then rushed out. So i am double pleased with myself.:D

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so pleased to hear that dido:) a week so near done -and you have the support stuff in place.

bet you feel so liberated today. you have proved you can do it -and will continue to live smoke free :)

keep us updated and -have some treat tonight Dido xx


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