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its good :)


Hi everyone,im new to the forum but been lurker for a past month :o

Im 23y old and been smoking since i was 14y old,before i would quit for a week and that would be my longest quit,and ive done it only few times in all these years,until recently.The thing that made me quit ,was the horrible feeling every day waking up and going straight out to light up,it would take me 3 fags to start my day,every event or thing would be arranged with a smoke before it.But the worst thing is feeling tight chest and wheezing in the lungs or pain in the legs when your only in your mid twenties.So wanting to change everything 4 weeks and 5 days ago i quit smoking cold turkey.I didn't imagine i will last so long because when quitting it seems its wrong time to do it and all the events ahead come to the mind,and it seems you ll need to smoke because of the stress.But the golden rule which i found on internet,to last one day at the time :) without smoke,made a difference.And as first weeks went i had few close encounters where i nearly slipped for a smoke while being drunk,but because of the family and friends knowing that i had quit i didn't get to smoke.Since quitting i started exercising,which i always dreamed of doing,and with every day i feel stronger and happier.Anyway i could write here a book on this topic,and whole experience of how good life is without smoking,but for now remember withing every day it gets easier to be a non smoker.


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wow seem to be coping so well!.............i quit cold turkey too im on my 12th you still get cravings?.......i am also starting to exercise i think it will help me stay quit..............shelley xxxxxxxx:)

Doesit & Shelley

Well done on your quit. I went cold turkey as well. While the early days are really hard - it does mean the nicotine is out of your system more quickly. You've got to stay strong and dig those heels in.

Continued good luck.

I still get the sensation that im missing something,also there are dreams of smoking,which frighten me when waking up coz they seem so real for a second,until you realize that you havent smoked really :) but what really helps is taking a deep breath and feeling your clear lungs :) Also as time goes by,motivation decreases so i try to remember my reasons for quitting and also,tell everyone who i meet that im of the smokes because everyone cheers you up and it gives motivation to move one.And yes shelley training is really good i gave 3 days off when i quit before starting to exercise.

Hi Doesit

Nice work...I'm a month in as of tomorrow...and I don't even think about smoking. I think about how great it is just like you said. I'm on with the exercise etc etc and feeling great.

The one thing I have done this time I quit is to look deeper into the absolute con that smoking is. I put it off in the past but I bought Allen Carr's ONLYWAY to stop smoking. Seems a bit extream as you are a month into your quit but it's a really good read and will really put any idea that you enjoyed smoking to bed. I got the book after I had quit, due to reading EASYWAY (another good read).

If you haven't read it...Just do it...Cost the same price as a pack of fags from Amazon...

Maybe you did already... either way nice work


Good for everyone here, It's great to see everyone staying strong with the quit and starting to exercise. If you are new to exercising like I am you may find that your getting bored after the 1st week or so (same machines, same routine, same course, etc....) What I am finding works a little better for me is on the weekends I go for a hike in the woods. I'm not sure if you have trails in England but here in the US we have lots of them that are well marked and of different skill levels. You don't need to go to the same place or see the same thing twice, you will meet really nice people along the way and you will be getting that fresh outside air that us smokers have been missing for years................... Go ahead try it; I think you will like it.

If you are not familiar with being on trails in the woods by yourself I would recommend joining a local hiking group in your area. You will go with people that know the area and are prepared to handle any emergency that may arise. Check in your local area but most places here you can even bring your dogs with you.

Whether you’re a nature lover or a hunter (like me) there are countless benefits that come with a day in the woods as long as you are properly prepared.

Go ahead try it this weekend..... I think you may find a new passion.

Trail web site for England

I fond a website with trails in England........ Looks nice and has lots of info

I fond a website with trails in England........ Looks nice and has lots of info

Hi Sparky, sorry for jumping on the thread, but just wanted to say thanks for that link, i have saved it to my faves. Have seen a few in my area that i fancy dragging the kids out on!

hi everyone its 8 weeks and 1 day for me :D

im still of the smokes and didn't even have a one puff through all the time,basically im back to my normal life,and every day there are ups and downs but the smoking isn't an option in solving anything in life,the only problem is when being drunk because,you somewhat want a smoke,but after nearly two months its easy to remember all the tightness and sickness,smoking made you feel,and its easy to give it a no go again.Good luck to all the quitters ;)

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