please help????

Hi all

Please help me guys.....

so this is the start of month 2 - this is a first for me and I really don't know what to expect does it just stay the same as month one is it still a constant battle of the mind will I hit a brick wall and want to through in the towel - this is totally new ground im treading on and need some advice of what to expect...!

Hope someone out there can help!!! :o

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  • Wow 2 months

    Hi Babe don’t panic there will be loads of help and advice thrown at you in a mo so don’t throw in the towel, month 2 gets easier and you will start to feel physically fitter for one thing and also you have probably gone through the worst of the bad sleep patterns as well, how’s your appetite, mine at 2 months was starting to slow down a bit so at least any weight you have put on will maybe start to level out or even lose a bit.

    As for the change from month one to two I can’t say as we are all different, I felt better and then was on and off but persevere as I now feel as though I am round the corner and only get the odd whisper to remind me I used to smoke.

    I feel so much better for not smoking, try not to think about it, yea I know that’s easier said than done but have you got another form of diversion to take your mind off of it i.e. running, jigsaws, reading anything really that gives you another interest, keep looking forward and telling yourself over and over the initial reasons you stopped, you have done so well and must not give in to the evil demon, also keep doing the drinking water, keeping hydrated does help I promise x

  • Hi :) It just gets better and better with everyday.

  • Hi kelu

    The mind thing i think goes on for a good while still for me too but not quiite as intense...its still very early in your quit i think...You will get used to your new routine without smoking & eventually it all click into place will know how to deal with your craves easier because youve been doing it everyday ...& although sadly IMO i think we will probably always have to deal with them ....whether i am wrong or right & further on in the quit things mite change for me too......I will always be prepared for a smoking thought....

    Hope what i think dosnt sound too isnt meant to be ...I believe it will be so worth all the effort...:)

    Your doing very well should feel good :)

  • Hi all

    Please help me guys.....

    so this is the start of month 2 - this is a first for me and I really don't know what to expect does it just stay the same as month one is it still a constant battle of the mind will I hit a brick wall and want to through in the towel - this is totally new ground im treading on and need some advice of what to expect...!

    Hope someone out there can help!!! :o

    Hi, I'm just into month 4 of my quit and I think it does get a bit easier...the cravings definitely aren't so bad these days, and quite a bit of the time I'm not even thinking about it. I love the fact that I don't have do dive out of the restaurant after dinner to have a fix now....loving the extra money too.

    In a strange way I still miss "something", but I have no intentions of undoing all my good work and putting a fag back in my mouth!!

    My only thing is that I can still sleep for England (bit like the English football team!!!)...and lack any energy, but not sure if that is to do with the quit or an underlying problem....

    Keep going's a long road but stay strong xx

  • Hi Kelu

    Congratualtions on getting through the first month. I found the second month at times much easier than the first but at times just as difficult, I'm now going into the third month clean of nicotine.

    Kitkat said you have to be prepared for a smoking thought and I can't stress how true that is. If you are prepared for these few rare moments you'll be fine.

    I found in the second month the trick - for me - was breaking old habits and learning new ones. I avoided situations were I was going to be a) drinking b) around smokers until the end of the second month at least - I found that a big help.

    Keep plodding on taking it one day at a time. I really felt that towards the end of the second month things started getting much much easier. Accept that you'll have the occasional bad day but don't make a bad day a catastrophe by dropping your guard.

    By the end of the second month you'll notice how much better you feel, how much fitter you feel, how much more money you have in your pockets, how clean your mouth feels, how you can taste stuff again, how you can smell, how much more confidence you have and thats just the start. Spoil yourself with the money you've saved. Go to a gym and start running without thinking your going to die after 20 seconds. All you have to do is keep doing what your doing now.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

  • Don't panic, stay tough. And look to the future. Maybe if your feeling like this you should sit down with a pen and paper and jot down all the benefits of your quit, and think about the things you've already overcome.

  • Good morning Guys

    WOW what a big thank you I owe all of you xx

    I dont know really know how to describe this feeling but I guess im kind of lost or stuck!!

    Thank you for taking the time to listen and offer your wonderful advice I think it is just what I needed - kind of like my armour lol

    Month two - it CAN be done!!! :o

    thanks again you guys are the bestest xxx

  • Hi Kelu,

    I found the second and third months absolutely awful - especially the second month.

    Long walks and fresh air helped.

    And it does get easier eventually - I'm only 4 1/2 months into my quit, but I'm feeling much better and those cravings have reduced to passing thoughts.

    It's still not easy, but it is much easier than it was.

  • Hi Kelu, big congrats to you on month 2. I found month 2 a time when I had to keep reminding myself that there is no such thing as one cigarette. A few triggers caught me by suprise cos I had a notion that after month one, it would be much easier. In many ways it is, but complacency can be the enemy here, so stay aware and stay positive. That aside, I have never looked back and although I know it's not the same for everyone, I really do not think about smoking anymore, and when I see a friend smoke I feel I am just glad to be out of that habit.

    The time will fly for you now, so start enjoying the new you, you deserve it.

    Lorraine :)

  • Hi, Try reading Kevin tells all about what he has gone through week to week, month to month. It helps and you can get an idea what can happen and be prepared. Another great site is Reading the different sites on peoples signatures is what can take your mind set in the right direction. Knowledge is key, so read everything you can find. Jody

  • Ok guys so I have been thinking long and hard all day about this and I have come to the conclusion that this "bad spell" hit me last Thursday and I really need to get out of it

    I have been thinking about smoking constantly - its making me feel weak, annoyed and very very tired its kind of like I have wanted to quit for so so long and although the first month had some really hard days the good days that followed were like I was on a high and made me feel great now its like ok so you have quit now what???? I feel a bit numb and really need to get some positivity going in my head I just don't know how or what to tell myself - I can't say great your not going to die of cancer now that you dont smoke cause I still might!! I have to die of something!!! I need some advice on positive thinking methods I think!! I don't like to read the horror stories about other smokers/quitters cause they make me feel really sad,

    Does anyone else ever feel like this???

  • Kelu, we've all felt like this in the past, not particularly through not smoking but for other reasons perhaps. Feeling the grass is always greener, thinking you're not any happier now than you were, nothings any better etc.

    You do really need to just try to focus on some good things, some positive things going on in your life. Write things down, the first may be slow coming but once you start you'll soon start flowing with ideas. If there are negative bits and pieces, think about them logically, is there anything you can do about them, if not, try to put them aside, and if there is, then that goes down with the positives.

    Put on some music, eat something you like, do something you like (not smoking of course), get in touch with a friend etc. It's so easy to feel like there's nothing, this giving up thing seems so time and mind consuming, we concentrate so hard on it that we don't give ourselves time for anything else. Make that time now, time for you.

    I know it's easy for me to say, and I really am sorry you are feeling low. You have achieved so much and it's such a shame to feel this way.

    All the best,

    Lorraine :)

  • Hi kelu

    i so understand what you mean... i did feel like that for a while & that feelings kind of gone now but only coz youve mentioned it & reminded me...And what a horrible way to feel .....its like all the excitement & achievement has died down now & your left with a flat kind of mood wondering why? & I didnt want to read cancer stories either..stil dont.....I just remember when all my other reasons seemed worthless (like u just said im gonna die of something anyway etc etc)) I agree with what lozza said make time for you ....treat yourself ..i mean i dont know how your fixed for money..but just telling yourself what an expensive unhealthy thing i used to do...& Im so glad to be out of it......I would rather do this or buy this:)

    Your moods will lift btw you still very early in quit...keep fighting :)

  • Hi Kelu,

    I don't know your circumstances, so forgive me if this doesn't help.

    This is what I did/do to get out of the pit of despair I found myself in.

    Go for long walks.

    Join the gym.

    Take St. John's Wort.

    Take multivitamins.


    Take Berocca every morning.

    Get as much support from friends and family as you can. If you need to cry on shoulders (literally) then do so because it does help get the melancholy out of your system.

    Read this forum as often as you can because there are loads of others in the same boat and there is lots of support and good advice here.

    And hang on in there 'cos it really does get better and easier - I smoked 20+ a day for over 40 years, and if I can do it, then anyone can.....:)

  • Hi Kelu

    I'm up and down like a yoyo at the moment - some days I'm ecstatic that I've quit and other days I think why have I put myself through this. I agree with what everyone has said so far - take some time out for you. I've found really focusing on my reasons for quitting gives me a little boost too as does writing them down. If you need to cry - then cry and makes some noise whilst your doing it - always makes a cry feel special when it's noisy :D

    Do eveything that makes you smile - even if it's just painting your toenails - you're doing a great thing so reward yourself xx

  • Hi Guys

    Felling a little better - Thanks for all your tips been working out everyday for the past two weeks which has stopped further weight gain :) really do need to make some time for myself though I think that is the big thing that is missing in my life not ciggerettes!!!

    Pookie - thanks for your post - last night me and oh were having a talk and it was about a particular subject that I was angry about and said to him - I dont want to talk as I am still angry well he forced me any way and I ended up in tears you know the long drawn out sobs were you feel like you are about to explode if you dont get it out of you well I felt a little better afterwards then with the insomnia/heat/rash on legs(not smoking related by the way) driving me crazy I was up at four this morning crying again like a baby in the living room with a bag of ice on my legs wanting a ciggerette I feel a little bit of relief today but hoping tomorrow will be better now that its out of my system!!

  • Hi Kelu

    Glad you're feeling better - I love a good wailing cry and generally sleep like a baby afterwards :D I've been taking magnesium and B vitamins for a few weeks and I think it has helped lift my mood - just need to work on the exhaustion :)

    Definately start taking some time out for you - I'm guilty of neglecting myself too but trying to do little things for me. Take care of you and stay strong.

  • Don't give in to the Nicotine Monster

    Hi all

    Please help me guys.....

    so this is the start of month 2 - this is a first for me and I really don't know what to expect does it just stay the same as month one is it still a constant battle of the mind will I hit a brick wall and want to through in the towel - this is totally new ground im treading on and need some advice of what to expect...!

    Hope someone out there can help!!! :o

    Kelu, as you have read, we are all here to support you, and month 2, was a bad month for me, but like many of the other members I did note give in and one of the things to keep your mind off of nicotine is to get really involved in a hobby or running and remember to drink plenty of water and use your spare time on this site by talking to the other members and offering them advice or you asking advice and we really don't mind what you want to say or ask. Your new freinds are here to listen and help you.


    Age 55

    Stopped:18th December 2009 after 35 years

    How: CT after health scare

  • Kelu, hope you're feeling better today.

    A deep sobbing session is always good; kind of purging the emotions. And just think of all the toxins you're eliminating from your body with all those tears!

    At the end of every day I always congratulate myself on having successfully completed another day without a smoke - get double brownie points if it's been a really stressy day. It means I go to be smug, but feeling very proud :D Some self-pampering wouldn't go amiss and little treats along the way to make sure you know that you appreciate you (if you see what I mean).

  • I see the LIGHT!!!

    Well guys glad to say I am officially out of my little funk I was in!!! Heads up to anyone who finds themselves in similar situation I know you hear people saying it all the time but IT REALLY DOES PASS!!!! It does not feel like it ever will at the time and it might take a while but when you are having a rough time of it during your quit understand its temporary and it will go away! I might be on here in a couple of days again complaining about another bad day/week but sure thats just the way it is I will deal with that when the time comes but for now I have finally found a bit of positivity and I am lovin this feeling - on a real high at the start of week six!!!

    Hope all are well! and again - a big thankyou to those who took the time to post replies it is really appreciated xxx

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