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Day 6 - woop woop!

To all of you wonderful people who replied to my day 3 cry for help - thank you so much for your words of wisdom and advice!!!

I took my patches off on Friday afternoon and have not had one since and I feel so much better, a lot more clear headed. Am still using my inhalator but don't tend to inhale much with it just chew it and I have started using regular chewing gum too which is starting to do the job!

I am on day 6 already. I spent the day with my in laws yesterday who are heavy smokers and all I could think to myself was "you stink"!

Think I might actually crack it this time!!! 3rd time lucky so they say.


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hi beccy

day 6 ..your doing great. 3rd time lucky I like that:) ..a good omen.

well done & keep letting us know how u get on :)


Hey Becca

good for you great you are feeling so positive ....onwards and upwards now ...dont look back that nicodemon is fading away .............. :)


That nicodemon is defo fading away! I gave him a little fond farewell kind of wave when I shoved him over the abyss!!!!

I am so glad I have found this forum as I really believe it is going to help in my hours of need but is great daily encouragement to keep going.

As I think I am going to become a regular poster I think you should all know a little about me so you can give me good advice during my rough times.

I am Mum to 2 girls - Alicia, 11 and Matilda, 2. The hubby and I have recently bought our first house together which is a total renovation project (stress number 1).

My major life stress however, is my toddler Matilda. She is currently classed as disabled (she is unable to speak - not a case of won't but a case of can't), so my next battle is to find out why, how, etc and to get her statemented (speech therapists are of no use to us unfortunately). Obviously, this is going to be a very stressful thing for me to go through and my worry is that the journey could make me fall of the wagon (hope not).

So when you see my help messages and I need a good rant because of heatlhcare professionals you all know why.





Hi Becca,

my little boy is disabled and he too is statemented. It can be stressful, but he is the reason I am doing this, he hates me smoking and I want to be around as long as possible to help him. You can do it, I know you can :D


Thanks Shojam,

I'm sure I can - and I'm with you we have to do everything we can to be there for our little ones.

My eldest constantly voices her disgust about smoking and she is approaching a very impressionable age (I was only a year older than her when I first tried the wicked weed) so I need to be able to take the moral high ground with her too!!!




Hi Becca,

first congrats on starting on your ongoing quit:)

you seem very determined and like you I find this forum a fabulous place to rant or just cruise through for advice -and needed companionship. only those who are walking this path understand and it really helps me to read those ahead who encourage so much when the sod it I need a cig feeling rears its head:mad:

Two lovely little girls -and I do hope you and your husband find good commited people to help find out why Matilda wont speak.

A lot to cope with -and those we girls are the best of reasons Becca

Wishing you the best of luck and no doubt we will talk soon on forum:)


Hi Becca after reading this I can now see why you say you feel guilty for going out for your little breaks, but I am saying you shouldnt you sound like a brilliant Mum who is quitting totally because of her respect for her children and their health, its not easy having children full stop but to have a child that has not been fortunate enough to be born without a disability in the eyes of other people makes it even more difficult to cope and on this thread alone we have 2 strong minded individuals who have decided regardless of the stress to quit smoking and stay quit, well done to both of you and I hope that you will find a health worker who can either find a solution or a treatment that will help to make life a little more easy, take care of yourselves but also remember the me time u need it .


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