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Hi All

HI everyone,

I have been reading posts on this forum for the past couple of weeks and have only just registered. I recently stopped smoking too using champix. I am just on week 3 of champix and week 2 of non smoking.

The only side effect i have had with champix is really weird bizarre dreams. Most of the time i wake up and laugh at how funny the dream was but sometimes i have quite bad dreams. Anyone else had this?

(sorry if i have posted any message in the wrong place, still trying to get used to navigating my way round the site :)

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Hi laura

lovely to hear you ...week 2 is just brilliant smokey good are you:) im cant advise on the champix ..but i know others who will do :)

Keep posting it helps ....& a big good luck


Hi Laura

Big well done on you quit so far. I had the dreams too mostly just really odd, and very detailed. Had a couple of nasty ones but they weren't quite nightmares - more like a good horror film it that makes sense :) They do ease off after a while though so make the most of them - actually my quit advisor said they're down to the fact that nicotine supresses dreams and now your receptors are blocked it free's up your mind to dream. Don't know if that's true - just like the idea :D


Hi Laura, well done with 2 weeks & welcome to the forum, read peoples signitures, it really helps. :)


Hi Laura, I too had the good funny dreams and the bad wake up scared dreams and I quit CT so I think it could be a quit symptom no matter how you quit, this forum will Im sure give you some great support and I hope that by reading the posts and threads it will help to sustain your quit long term, I keep telling people to make sure they drink plenty and feel like Im repeating myself but I know how much it helps, you take care and keep us informed how you are doing x


Hi everyone

Thanks all for the warm welcome. Everyone here sounds really encouraging and positive. I have been coming here for the past couple of weeks and reading posts whenever i feel a craving or urge to smoke.

I will keep everyone updated as to how things go but the way i feel i dont want to smoke. I just feel daft for smoking all those years.

Thanks Again x:)


Hi Laura,

Congratulations on your quit so far, well done and keep posting – really helps:)


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