Day 9 - Recovery

Day 9 is here and to be honest i am still recovering from yesterday. As far as no smoking goes this should be another easy day because of the way i feel. I missed a days work because i could barely stand up yesterday and i feel like i could sleep for a week straight. Today i'm not much better but i'm a little better than yesterday, so at least i'm not feeling worse.

:) 6 more hours.... then i can go sleep again :)

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  • Ew...poorly?

  • Ew...poorly?

    Yup, hit me hard and fast. Saying that, the cravings are coming back and i'm losing some feeling in my fingertips so i must be feeling better!!!

  • Yes definitely on the mend if cravings are back, I remember getting really excited thinking I had beaten the smoking when I was ill - just to find out I still wanted the cigarettes when my health returned - ironically!


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