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No Smoking Day
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Day One

Today is my day one. Have to be honest and admit I am struggling a little but have my patch on and my inhalator by my side.

Don't think it's so much giving up the cigarettes as trying to break the routine that I've lived for the past 20 years!!!

Very strange not unlocking the back door this morning to go sit on the steps for my early morning ciggie.

Bring on day two!!!!!

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Hi Becca and welcome to the forum good to have you on board.

Day 1 fantastic, you have made a great decision. I would recommend that you read lots on the forum, read the links, others experiences from day 1 and beyond, know your enemy, it really will help.

Post often, come on and rant or rave whatever you feel the need to do, there is always someone around to offer advice or just a listening ear.

Stay strong and enjoy being smoke free.


Well hello becca, I'm having my day one (again) too.

Don't be me, just quit the once and save so much aggro/pain. I have done a lot of quitting so I'm an experienced day oner. :rolleyes:

Congrats on taking the first step. I think NRT is great, no matter what people say. I liked the patches, plus gum for any extra craves. The patches give you a bit of an even baseline and stop you craving too much.

Goggle junkie thinking and nicodemons lies if you haven't seen them. They are useful long term to keep and look at.

Good luck.

(And avoid any smoking friends for a while, listen to your own advice jude)


Hi becca

Day 1 ....is brill

I too remember the very first fag in the morning .....in my wash house thing hiding off the kids so they didnt see me through the doors......stupid mad rushed drags ...& Im so glad them days are gone now ....& so will you be eventually ...it is changing your habits around & keep telling yourself it is just a thought & nothing bad will happen from the crave ....

Proud of you ...i found patches helped me too.

keep posting :)


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