No Smoking Day
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good night all especially to my new friends pookie,

fallen angel and skylark.

tonight they are 70 days without smoke,

I would never have thought that I would able to make this great

enterprise and instead here I am to tell my new feelings to my mates

of walk.

I'm very determined to continue this walk at the times very difficult but very gratefully too.

I hope that you are determined like me so we can reach soon the goal.

P.S. I saved 316,00 euro ( 262,911 pounds )too.

buonanotte all


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goodnight -and well done you too.:)

keep going and we will too . xx


Hi, we have not been introduced but a very big well done on your quit, fantastic :D


well done skylark


hi shojam, how do you do alberto


Congratulations Alberto

70 days is excellent and I'm nearly there too :)

You should be very proud of yourself - I have saved £345 so far:D



do you live in england pookie?


hi albert

70 days is cool mate:) ..well done you

ps Do you like football? ...well if you dont we have a non football thread in general feel free to join :D


stop touting kk :p

yes I live in england alberto - just practising my italian on you :)



good morning all,

it is beginning 71th day for me, cool!

every day seems better, every day one thinks less and less to their...

i think that in a few weeks we will be out....

optimism will be our weapon.

I asked you, pookie, where you are living because you spent more money than me smoking same cigarettes for day, i have been to london and i saw that cigarettes are more expensive than in italy, lucky, you will become

much richer than me!

buongiorno a tutti.

P.S. a greeting to kitkat.


greetings to you too albert

71 days is very cool mate ..well done:)


Ciao Alberto

Come stai oggi?

Ciggies are very expensive in England and that's one of the main reasons I quit - couldn't really afford my habit anymore. Well done on reaching day 71 - at 11pm tonight I will be 70 days smoke free :)


ciao pookie, I think that we will be free soon!

I have to go to work now, we can see tonight, ok?



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