No Smoking Day
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Day 8 and a BIg Warm Welcome to WEEK 2!!!

:eek: Completed a week CT. Hard to believe it really but it's true!

This is just the start of Day 8 so still early days. I feel OK aside from one thing - i've started to develop a scratchy cough in my chest. This is not very pleasant and i'm hoping it doesn't get much worse. The good news is that this scratchy, tickly, irritating senstion in my lungs is blocking out any cravings i may have had for cigarettes.

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Big well done James

Thats the worse part over and done all the nicotine is gone from your body now. So big well done. the cough is part of the quitting not everyone get it but its the body cleaning out. xx


replied on previous thread Tao:)

lots of us get it I gather and the cure -

yes you guessed it :) iced water .

them lungs of yours are healing . goes soon !!


well done your making great progress, 1 whole week of CT. Way to go. :)


Hi James

One week already done without smoking :cool:

That seems to have gone really quickly.

A cough/throat annoyance seems to par of the course for a lot of folk. See it as a positive sign of the body recovering.

Wishing you continued success and you travel through the 2nd week as an ex smoker.

Keep your guard up, the habit and the mind games that can come with quitting changes frequently but staying ahead of the game does help.

All the best to and your quit



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