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I made it

I can't believe I made it to day 3, day 2 at work was easier than today, being at home with the girls just adds alittle more pressure, to that add the boredom and it can make it a bit harder.

I sort of feel that I've done it now, am I being a bit naive?

But on the whole it is getting easier, anything has to be better that the 1st 24 hrs, don't ever wanna go through that again, and won't as I am now a person who will never smoke!!!!

Ur support is fab, by the way every1

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well done kez

day 3 u have done ....proud of you must feel brilliant

ps if u dont like football weve got a party in general ..come join us if you like:D


a massive well done to you......keep up the good work


Day 3 is brill - well done you :D


Hi Kerrianne so glad you have managed to get to Day 3 and feel good, have a good night and sleep well catch you tomoz on day 4


Brilliant Kez! Beating Day 3 is a great achievement! Before you know it you'll have a completed a whole week nicotine free!


Day 3 is one of the biggest achievements...nicotine free now....keep going be strong use the forum and before you know it the 1st week will have been and gone..


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