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No Smoking Day
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night time capers

Hi all my fellow quitters:)

talking insomnia here !!:D:D

I am doing strange things these days I have found as a new ex smoker.

Last night I was up as usual about 2am prowling around . Snoop out the window and see who in street is still awake or out on the razzle . Call it neighbourhood watch -it sounds better than curtain twitcher doesnt it?

watch the hedgehogs and occasional urban fox .

Then into the kitchen and this is what worries me.I am drawn to the fridge.

Last night while reading trashy novel I ate

3 onion bhajis

2 cabano sausages

half a bag of hubbys Doritos which he was keeping for game

4 Jaffa cakes

and threw caution to the wind and poured a stiff gin and tonic as well

Now this cannot continue I know or I will be HUGE.

there is an exercise bike in living room -but it just doesnt cut it at 2 am

Any more midnight feasters out there?

just want to say though seriously. I am not working at the moment so I can enjoy the night time antics .

But I do know the dread of sleepless nights when a days graft is needed next day. So please dont take offence at this.

onwards and up that da** cliff face pals xx

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Hi Sky well I think you are 100% normal and the eating is like a safety thing eat / smoke, no contest you cant smoke so you have to eat, I was on at least 5 bags of crisps a day pork pies, chocolate bars and digestive biscuits and that was on top of 3 / 4 meals aday, dont worry about the weight gain too much, must admit mine was all through the day and not in the night, I was like you awake on and off all night but had chilled water and jelly babies that seemed to help, lock the fridge and give hubby the key or just dont buy foods that you will pig out on, except through the day which is allowed LOL ok if weight goes up past 10 stone and u are not very big panic xx


My advice would be to focus your efforts on the G&T. Repeat as often as necessary until tired. :rolleyes:


got permission now :D

will do . you ok ?


I think you've had enough for one night young lady ;) Actually you can drink gin til it come's out your ears on the atkins diet.

Don't but anything that's going to tempt you - think I spent a month binge eating fruit :(


I hate insomnia :(:mad::( i don't eat though, i just get teasy that i can't get back to sleep and the slightest noise winds me right up.


Sleepless nights

Hehe had good wee laugh about the night time capers thought i was being watched. I am eating everything....im up and wrestless all night too its driving me nuts... im on day 30 using champix.. but my cravings are still bad when will this go away?::(


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