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Day 11


Well I have done it, lived through the horror that was day 5, and since then it's been up, up, up. Used patches for the first 7 days, on day 8 the patches made me feel sick and light headed, so I took it off and felt fine, just using inhailator 1/2 a day.

Day 10 the tired thing has kicked in, I feel like I could sleep for a month, kept waking last night, but have napped quite a lot today to make up for it, but no I'm still unbelievably tired, I didn't even feel this tired with the sleepless nights of my two children. And yawning sooooooo much I think my mouth is gonna permanently stretch.

So what do you think? Is this due to not smoking? Or am I getting I'll? Or is paranoia setting in? Ha!


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Hi Jellie

Can't comment on the patches cos I used champix but I felt the same. First week was on an absolute high and full of energy but by week 2 could have slept for england and yawning constantly. Think you're body is just starting to heal and it's normal so don't panic:D

I did CT, but did hit a sleepy stage, so sounds to me like your healing is continuing. Stay strong, it will pass and when the new, smoke free energy hits you, you will feel fab.

Well on your way to 2 weeks, hope you are feeling really proud.

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