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hello everyone Im still hanging in there just going through that empty sort of feeling this week - the newness of the quit has worn off and all those fresh highly motivating thoughts are waring thin I feel like I have heard it all lol what is helping though is that when I lie in bed before I go to sleep I say something simple and repeat it about 20 times like I hate fags, I hate smoking, or I dont smoke anymore - I find it simple and calming has been quite effective and I have been sleeping a bit better - the dreams are easing up a bit they were awful in week 2 - defo feel the craves getting easier !!!

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Hi Kelu,

Good for you :D Quitting is a journey that's for sure. You're feelings & the way you deal with things, not just the quit have to change & evolve. Let's face it, the human race is good at that so you just have to find the right way of dealing or thinking about things. I always find the beginning of a quit the easiest as you are so determined & full of fight, after that, for me anyway becomes harder. You just keep at it, take each day or hour, whatever it takes, at a time & get through it. The sleep thing does settle quickly even if it doesn't feel like it LOL.

gaynor xx


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