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Day 4 - not too bad


Coming to the end of day 4, have my husband at weekends so I am generally happier but can be quite stressful as well as its easier to withdraw alone I think!

Think I actually dealt with a stressful day better than I would have if I had smoked - my son cried for my mum again today and hit me every time I picked him up :(

Starting to worry about Monday and Tuesday now - these are my office days and when I have tended to fail in the past. Its not that I really crave ciggies at work - its just I am in London for two days and baby is in Doncaster so feel young and free again with no worries - and next thing I know I am laughing and drinking with friend and end saying 'oh go on I will have a few tonight only.... '.

Really going to need so much help these day - just an early warning.

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You can be young, free, single & smoke free for 2 days if you think about it. How great would that be? Feeling free & relaxed is such a strong emotion to get through I know but you really will gain so much strength from NOT having a ciggie. You only need to do it once to learn you can & take a step back & think, wow, I did that & STILL enjoyed myself :)

If you can, when you feel a crave, try to take a moment to imagine your sons face & what you will be giving him by not having a fag ;)

Keep strong, you can do this.

Gaynor xxx

aaww Fusion, It's hard. You have to really want to do it, make a list of reasons. You need to decide how you are going to do it i.e. patches, cold turkey, tablets. Once decided, set a date. Then read this forum over and over. That's what I done. Everyone is different, so you must do what is right for you. We can support you on here but ultimately the quit is yours. I hope you do go for it, it will be the best decision you make, believe me. Good luck

Hi Zena you are starting to worry before you need too, you will be fine, ok so it’s like being single again but maybe that’s the problem, not the lack of smoking, you are in a mind set which is a good thing when it’s a positive state, but it seems the mind set your in is I hate to say leading you down a dangerous road, first tackle the fact that sadly :D you are not single you are a happily married lady with a gorgeous little boy who hits you because he knows you are off to work soon and he knows this as you are starting to get into the stressed about leaving him zone which he can feel, and he can feel your tension as well, so relax and forget about work until you really have to think about it as in tomorrow morning.

Secondly try not to drink even with your friends, stick to soft drinks till you have the quit under control or until your friends realise you really mean it that you are now a none smoker, they may then try not to be to obvious about smoking in front of you.

Also be proud that you are not smoking think how much better you will feel and have a good sniff of your friends when they smoke and realise that’s how you smelt before you quit.

So keep telling yourself that you are doing this not just for you but for your baby and OH and of course for the rest of your life to be healthier and smoke free, go off and enjoy the couple of days and then go back home proud and in the right frame of mind, not mad at yourself for giving in, also try and post and chat often xx

PM me if you need to chat at any time have a good sunday.

Hi Fusion,

I really recommend reading Allen Carr and using this forum - helps to take the fear out of giving up.

Good luck! :)

Now would be a good time to start planning how positive those two days are going to be & there is absolutely NO reason to smoke.

Have you had a look at the different signitures on here, i found them extremely helpful when i quit. The more i read the more it made sense. Remember the forum is here so make sure you use it, you know when you crave it's good to type just to keep your hands and mind busy.

Be positive. :)

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