No Smoking Day
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got it!!!

hello people....

yep still there and discovered something wonderful: VALERIAN.

man, 2 tabs B4 bed and voila, one way ticket to join up sleeping beauty..

1st good night sleep in yonks. didnot want to wake up though, problem.

Done without the patch yesterday and that was tough. felt a bit grumpy last night so went to bed before murderous tendencies took over me.

telly was awful and what's worst is that we are getting both in the world cup and Big brother season. The wife is certainly against the footy but she loves the BB antics.. not good. mind you, I can't give a t***s about footy too.

As you can see I am in good mood today...

see you all.

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I thought you went a bit quite last night!

Well done for getting here, I am quite excited I made it through yesterday as it was awful - but at least I was not the b!tch I anticipated.

Keep up the good work all.


thanks and well done to you too,

yup, I am a bit dangerous at night time so I tend not to get on the net at home.

been at work for 2 hours already and everyone is irritating the t**ts out of me..

I'd give a lot to get back to bed.


just realised, I don't miss the fags, i think i just miss the fag-breaks. will have to find something or someone to annoy now.



Watch the valerian Ben - it has the same effect as catnip - you'll be attracting cats within a 4 mile radius :D

Well done on getting here though :)


not keen on cats at all. but slept very well though, so worth having them sniffing about just for the zzzzzz's...


Good Morning Ben glad you are finally coming to realise that the worst is nearly over, perhaps one valarian would be enough its pretty potent stuff, keep happy and focussed on the positives and you will be great and I can see you as a none smoker, over the next couple of days and you will start to feel good, hate footy and BB so I would be grrrr LOL :D


Where RU?

Remembered you only post at work, hope you are doing well and make it through the weekend.

Terrible news though - James isn't a spaceman from the future - he works offshore.

No offence James, if you reading this, but my explanation for the time difference was a little more exciting :D


He could still be if we want him to be!!! hope also that your weekend has gone well and that when you get back to us tomoz you will be smoke free and happy.


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