18 weeks .....for the best girl

18 weeks without smoking todays is a special milestone due to me never getting this far before .....Well i have last year with a few sneaky smokes in between & finally 18weeks in quit I smoked ..i smoked & boy did i smoke .........I so regretted it & just resigned myself to a life of smoking :o

Some of you rememeber my fails...my moans & my crying ...i was just thee cry baby of this forum ..no laughing was allowed ...the quit was ridiculous & so was I...

I carried myself to another forum after I found myself singing another tune to some members .. Fail after fail quit attempts followed.....Rollercoaster of depressions id say!!! the depressions of that was much worse to to me then the tough days i face today.......

That i think keeps me going & the cuddly sunshine that hangs in my kids bedroom makes me smile...i say to them that even in winter you will always have sunshine ............. :)

I could go on more with this post ..but i wont because it would then become boring & ignored. ...& i dont like being ignored:(

Further on in my quit then some .....But even today I need to be told I am doing good ...the gushier the better :D

Thanks u lot loves u

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  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :rolleyes::D

    Well done girl - you don't know how proud I am of you :o

  • Hey well done Kat ...18 weeks is awesome well done you :) x

    can i come to the party now i have said something nice ?:o

  • Thank you pookie ......:D u can wake up now lol

    Bradders ......Thanks you for nice words:) ...but still NO:eek:

  • @ Bradders - teeheeheehee and a snigger :p

  • Thank you pookie ...... u can wake up now lol

    Bradders ......Thanks you for nice words:) ...but still NO:eek:

    :eek: wounded big time :(

  • @ Bradders - teeheeheehee and a snigger :p

    Revenge is always sweet Pooks and sweet it will taste:D

  • Congratulations on your 18 weeks, fantastic job,

    Lorraine :)

  • Thank you lozza ...:)

  • You sure are DOING GOOD. Keep up the good work.


  • Well done KK....knew you would do it

    Be very very proud my lovely


  • Well done KK. I know how hard it has been for you but this time is the quit forever. I wish you many, many more, quit free, days, weeks & months.

    (Must get myself one of those suns :D)

    Love G xxxx

  • well done KK.....you really are an inspiration :)

  • Thank you jackie... :) means a lot from someone so far on ..hoping i can get to your space one day xxx

    Thank you lornas ....you did say i would wen a few weeks ago i thought i wouldnt ....you was right ....happy 8 months to you too my matey :)

    Thanks gaynor ....quit forever i so hope & you too,..not changed that username yet!!! :(....Your not having my sun hahaha ..its old .dont think u can get them now lol xxx

    Thank you shojam ..fink i like being an inspiration .never thought i would be

    OHHHH i love all this attention ....More please ....:D

  • Congratulations kitkat, you are not doing good you are doing brilliant. I am in no doubt that this time it is for good. Keep up the good work girl.;)

  • I'm so very glad to see you finally get your quit back to where you want to be. If you were a runner and you'd equalled your best you'd be happy with that.. but now from this moment forward, the longer you go.. it will set your record for your best quit ever!!

    Things are different this year, and circumstances too.. reckon you know this too :)

    Well done kath, I think you have your quit in a great place now and doesn't it do the soul good knowing that this is your best quit now? :)

    Keep going and good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Hi Kitkat

    Well done chick at last you have done longer than any other quit your done. This is the one babes I can feel it in my water.:D:D:D:D:

  • Spiffing kk. :) your support has been solid too.xx

  • Been thinking of a pressie for you most of the day and there's only really the one thing I can give - so here you are and enjoy :D


  • Thank you wendy ann :) your doing well too not that far behind me xxx

    linda .jase & chrissie . my angels who have supported me through out ...:)

    thank you guys ,,,u mean lots & lots & lots ..u will never know

    fallen angel .Thanks you ..glad i can help

    pookie that pic is SO HOT omg .........,,,thanking you my friend ;)

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