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hi every body

hi im back after some months,still not smoking,,stoped smoking on the 12 of nov 08..and still going strong,,lots of new names on here,but cant see the old names,,when i look back at when i smoked and the money i spent, wow,,all you who are trying to stop ,dont give in,i know its hard at first but over time it gets better,,this site was my rock when i first stoped smoking,could not have done it with out the site,marg,,nic,,stu,,linda,bulldog,,joise,to name just a few,we were all there for each other,,,but look at me now free,,,just remember one thing,, our greatest battles are with our own minds,you must do the right thing,you might have to fight a battle more than once to win the fight,,you lot can do this,,good look to all,,just keep the faith

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Hi Tony,

thanks for your post, it's really helpful for us newbies when ppl post. It gives us hope to see posts like yours, :D


Hi Tony I will agree with Sho its good to see long termers come on and say how well they are doing, I too wouldnt have done my nearly 6 months with out this forum to keep me focused, there are still some of the longer quitters about I talk to Marg all the time and she is still going strong but had some upsets on the site so only calls in now and then, glad you are doing well as a no smoker and good to have you back if only for a while xx


good to be back,thank you both ,just keep the faith,,what went wrong with my mate marg,please tell me,,she was such help to me tony


Hey Tony, good to see you, you were very helpful to me in my quit. Nice to see you post. Marg still around just lurks, send her a PM, she'll love to hear from you xx keep the faith!


thanks chrissis v keep the faith


chrissie v just gave marg a buzz ,o by the way how is your smoking getting on ,good i hope keep the faith tony


Tony, So glad to hear you are still going strong in your quit! Keep going, we are headed for the 2 year mark, can you believe that! Jody


Tony hi mate

lovely to see you still going strong hows the fishing :D:D Marg and i was wondering where you Had got to. Have you heared from her now tony if not I will tell her your still about.xxxxxx


Hi Tony :D

Good to see you back I saw you gave me a buzz I PMd you twice yesterday and got no reply and I didn't get yours either have told the mods and they don't seem to know what is wrong either latest suggestion was that you accidentally have me on your ignore list

Have also left a message on your profile page


Marg xx


latest suggestion was that you accidentally have me on your ignore list


I just mentioned that it was one of several possibilities :eek:


I too have sent you a PM following Marg's query, but as yet I see that you have not logged in again.

If you have sent a PM to Marg then a copy should be in your sent items, and as I understand it you should have a couple from Marg in your Inbox.

Perhaps you could contact me to let me know the situation.


hi linda ,jody.marg,nice to here from you all again .marg i have pm you ,dont know whats happing .will keep trying till i get it tony keep the faith.


Hi Tony, sorry I missed this, I remember you, your words helped me along in the early days. I am still well and truly quit and glad to see you are too.



Hey Tony,

What a guy :)

When you disappeared I'm sorry but I did think the used to tell me how your family didn't give you any breaks whilst you were stopping. But I should've realised to keep the faith ;)



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