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A good smoking dream

So I had a great smoking dream last night. The dream is me going to a party and drinking, I'm in a really nice suit and having fun. At some point I have a craving a random one not one brought on buy stress or anger or anything like that. I decide I want and need a cig and that I deserve one, I buy a pack and open it, I put the smoke in my mouth and reach for a lighter.. I pull the cig out of my mouth and throw it away and the pack as well. Woot!!!! I then notice a women smoking a cig and she asks me why I would throw a whole pack away. MY answer was I don't smoke. I then woke up and logged on here. Pretty cool dream I thought I'd share.:D


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Thats the sort of smoking dream you should have, tells me that even in your head you are a none smoker and want be drawn to smoke by anything, like the suit you look so cool and smell yummy :D xx


cool dream twiste....i had a smoking dream recently too i was smoking & happy :eek: but it was dark in my dream & i was alone.......which freaked me a bit coz previous dreams ive either not smoked it ..or been sad to smoke ..

arent our smoking dreams reading them :)


Thomas, sounds to me like you are really enjoying being a non smoker and so you should, my friend, how handsome you look. ;)


A great dream. Well done you. :)


wtg Twist.... you are even a quitter in your dreams!....I haven't had

a dream like that for a while, not that I miss them...


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