No Smoking Day
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wow..... i really did it!

whey!!! i made it to week 2..... how chuffed am I!!! never ever thought i cud succseed in quitiin let alone gettin through the 1st wk with out any hicups..... :D.... funny i went cinema last nite an a women came sat next to me an all i cud smell was stale ciggy smoke..... ouch i used to smell like that.... thats a insentive enough to keep strong an continue in smellin nice!! hope ur all doin well an keepin stong.... bring on day 9 :D

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Well done you kenzo - second week was a major milestone for me and I remember how good it felt to get there. Strange I can't stand the smell of ciggies on people but if one's burning it still smells like heaven :eek: Stay strong you're doing brill...:)


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