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Still a non smoker..........................just!!!!

7 1/2 months in and feeling good untill yesterday when i had a massive row with OH over the phone. If it wasnt for the smoking friends that i was with refusing point blank to give me a fag i would now be a smoker again or at least on Day 1. Just a word of warning to not let my guard down and that situations still arise when i could easily start again.

anyone know how the Octos are getting on ????

Hang in there people


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Ah Jack, what an eye-opener, didn't think that over 7 months down the line it could still be such a temptation!

But at least u didn't, well done, imagine how c**p you would be feeling now if you had caved. A lesson to us all to stay strong :)


good goin Jack....gotta watch those OH's, ;)...keep r up


Well done Jack .....for NOT having one !

Even after 13 months of staying smoke free I have been tempted recently but it aint gonna happen :p

Sounds like you have good friends that obviously respect your quit and the lengths that you have gone to in getting this far ( 7 months is great ) by not allowing you to have one of their cigarettes .

Best wishes


20 a day for 30 years


3 months patches

10 months C.T


Hi Jack

So pleased you didnt give in, I had a similar event last month but so chuffed that I didnt, would hate to have to go through all that again.

Please post on the Octos forum they would love to hear from you, we are doing so well, lost a few along the way but not many. Dave,Pol,Laura,Christine,Kay and me are still going I know along with others that post occassionally.

Take care, keep going, I shall look forward to meeting you in the penthouse over several bottles of champers.

Dee xxxxx:)


Good friends you have that made sure you stayed true .. and with 7.5 months this success is due to you!

Keep going, hope you smooth things over with the OH, try at least is best.



well done jack that was a massive test for you but you came through it...reading your post has made me realize that I can never be complacent about my quit so cheers buddy..


I will say congratulations to you on 7 and a half months quit that’s fabulous, but also what a massive slap on the back your friend deserves, it’s a pity that some others on here don’t have such good friends, friends that are not jealous of their mates quits and would do anything to help their friends stay smoke free.

I hope that if ever I was in that situation, my friends would also say no if I asked for a cig, I truly believe that some so called friends would like to see them fail and be back to smoking again, that would give them the excuse to stay smokers and smelly.

4 and a half months and up to the Penthouse you will be.


Good to hear you hung in there Jack and your friends kept you on the straight and narrow.

There will always be, not to often I hope, testing times but we do become more adept at managing them as time goes.

Close calls can be a good reminder of how weak we can be when old memories of smoking and what we 'remember' it did for us flare up.

At the end of a second meeting of the day recently, one of the chaps got his baccy out and began rolling one in preparation for dashing outside and relieving his habit. For a split second I looked at this rolling up of one and thought........... 'Oh, good idea' and nearly said 'Yes please, I'll have one too' and then just as quickly remembered that I'm smoke free now.

I wasn't upset or bothered but for a moment, just a fleeting moment it seemed the norm to want one too.

I can empathise with the upset making you want one when I felt it momentarily with no upset or emotions high and strung out............ except two meetings in one day... does that count as having a reward smoke? ;)

For any other Octos' reading this............ roll call mid end of next week.

Congrats to all nearing the end of 7 months smoke free.

Pol x



Well done for not having one how gutted would you of felt if you had one so well done for not having one :)

I no just how you feel as i still have carveing sometimes more so when im upset but i stop myself and think im not going back to day 1 again



Jack my twin.....I am so sorry I was not around and did not notice this post.....

Hope things are ok and glad you resisted....or at least you have great mates refusing to give you a cig. For a second there I was afraid I was going to win that cant let that happen bruv.

3 days till 8 months.......8 MONTHS JACK....remember when we used to look up to people like us in total wonder and admiration....that's US now...amazing eh????

Big Hugs....xxxx


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