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Gained 11kg+ in 11 weeks


I visited this forum when I decided to try and quit, I never made a post but I did read many others to get some tips ect.

I started smoking in 1994 when I was 14 and switched to roll ups in 1999, I smoked 25-30 a day. Decided I want to be a bit healthier before i turn 30.

I gave up smoking on the 3rd of March and used zyban for the 1st 5-6 weeks.

Personally I found the first 3or4 daysthe hardest. Now 11weeks on and every now and then I still get the odd craving , nothing like the cravings from the 1st few weeks, more just like just an idea of going for a smoke.

But I've never actually been close to smoking again as 5 years ago I did give up for 3months also with zyban, got some bad news and started again and immediately regretting it afterwords...all it took was 1 smoke and I was hooked again.

Anyway as the tile says, I'm 6foot1 and used to be 83-85kg, 11 weeks later and now i'm 95-96kg. Tbh I'm happy with that weight as long as I dont pass 100.

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Congratulations on you 11 weeks quit, bet you are feeling so proud.

I dont know what you are worried about as I would have thought at 6.1 14.7 stone would be a good weight.

Are you exercising and if not then thats probably the way to get the weight off.

I put 10 LB on in the first few weeks and now it is levelling out, you are doing brilliantly and I think as you have done it before and gone back chances are you want do that again because you know how bad it made you feel, keep using the forum as its a great quit keeper and let us know how you are getting on.


Thanks, tbh im not too bothered about my weight as long is it doesnt go up a lot more.

And the exercise thing, that's another story, apart from walking to the bus stop and undergound theres none, its about 60min a day.

a Month before i turned 30 I had a few goals in mind, stop smoking, drinking and start going to the gym. I did not do it all as i think it would have been a complete shock to the system. 2 many things at once and I think it will be easier to fail at one.

So I gave up my smokes, and went from 6 pints a day to only drinking on my off days. I think in the next 2-3 months I will take it a bit further to only drink socially and start going to the gym


60 mins a day exercise? is none? I think it's a fair amount actually,and a good amount at that, considering you seem to be not making a conscious decision to do some. That combined with an 11 week quit is pretty good going and something deserving a smile about :)

Stay strong with your quit and give yourself some allowances for weight gain...... you'll soon address and re-balance if necessary fairly soon.

Read ahead of your quit time and get an idea of what to prepare for.

Be prepared and stay ahead of the game which can necessitate a little dodging and diving :)

All the best to you



Hi fox

I put on about the same amount of weight as you did and in the same time, im 6 2" and pushing 100kg now. My weight seems pretty stable in the last 4 weeks or so.

I tried the gym weeks ago, i didnt like it frankly. I see no point in using a gym for cardio exercise when going for a walk/run/cycle is better and free. Waiting for folk to finish on a weights machine just did my head in too.

I started my keep fit regime by walking fast and when that wasnt enough to raise the heartbeat high enough i started to jog/walk. I also bought a set of cheap dumbells. you can get a great full body workout using your own bodyweight and dumbells.


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