Day 9.....big lesson learnt

Hi all

i'm on day 9.....just!!

Had a rough day and i've learnt not to put the blumin' patch on my butt cheek!! It itched all blumin' day!! Caught it on my pants every time i went for a jimmy riddle.....

Back to putting it on my arm....does anybody else suffer with a dead arm after a while? It felt really heavy like i'd just had an injection!!

Have struggled today to stay on track, but still into the quit on several occasions nearly broke but thank goodness i haven't.......

Hope everyone is having a strong day.

Michelle :)

4 Replies

  • That made me laugh so loud .. that is hilarious. Must have been worth it for the comedy factor ha ha ha!!

    Congrats on 9 days.


  • Glad i made you boyfriend is now calling me spongebob coz i have a nicotine patch sized red square on my butt!!!!

  • Stop it ... you continue to make me laugh ha ha ha!!

    You do know I will always refer to you as spongebob from this moment forth don't you lol!!


  • Hi Michelle,

    I tried the patches for 6 days, yes they gave me dead arms, I too tried putting one on the side of my bum and it worked its way down my leggings, was by my sock by the time I put my PJ's on.

    Couldnt get one to stick to me for long, even tried gauze tape from the chemist. I couldn't stand the way my arms hurt although this may have eased with time, I found the patch very effective but I decided to switch to cold turkey.

    Good luck you are doing great xx

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