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Week 3

Stopped cold turkey Sunday April 25th after 55 years continuous heavy smoking. First 2 weeks were a doddle no withdrawal symtoms. I now feel as if my whole world has crashed about my ears. Can no longer concentrate to carry out a conversation. Unable to sleep. Badly constipated. Short term memory completely gone. Filled with depression & anxiety. Strangest thing I have no desire ever to smoke again. I can only pray these horrible symptoms will ease & I can get some of my life back. To all of you out there suffering, please join with me in our determination to get this monkey off our backs. Daniel.

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Hi Daniel

Well done on making it this far - 55 years is a long time and smoking was your friend for all that time. I hit a point for a few days where I couln't even string a sentence together, felt very low and couldn't remember what I'd done 10 minutes ago - could have killed someone too :eek: The good news is that it does get better just hang in there and keep reminding yourself of why you want to quit.

As for the constipation that'll go too - drink lots of water as I found that helps but it does make you feel really bloated. I did buy some Dulcolax but only needed to take 1 - think everything was getting back to normal anyway.

Stay strong and give yourself a big pat on the back :D


hey daniel how good are you mate

Your symptoms will no doubt ease ...i however cant really advise on cold turkey quit ..coz u used NRT ...Im sure someone will come by to give you some encouragement....You do sound like you having it quite bad...dont mean to patronise but have you thought to go your doctors? maybe they will suggest something that will help you

feel for you ...good luck for tomoz & keep posting :)


Hi Daniel,

Congratulations on quitting smoking. I know you probably dont feel like you have anything to celebrate right now, but hang in there please!

Personally, once the initial euphoria wore off for me, I plunged into the depths and stayed there for a good few weeks, thankfully I came out the other end and damn glad I did.

All the symptoms you describe sound common and I am certainly with you on the digestive front, cigarettes contain laxative you know, so some people take a while to return to their normal regular routines. Depression and anxiety are withdrawal from what we believed to be our friend, not much of a friend daniel, he'll try and kill you eventually.

I broke a lot of dishes during my quit, in fact I broke a lot of things, no not through anger or tantrums, but sheer scatterbrains, even sometimes now I am very clumsy and disorientated, but on the good days WOW - our bodies are terrificly forgiving, and very soon it will be thanking you for quitting by allowing you to smell, taste and breathe better!

I recommend the Whyquit website as a reinforcement to your quit!

I've been quit 10 weeks so still early days, but I had the lightbulb moment where I know I could never be happy smoking again, i dont want to go through another quit, so I pray this is it for life, everythings crossed!

Good luck to you, Shelly xx


HI Daniel. I went ct and went through a whole host of emotions and physical problems. Constipation may be making you feel depressed and anxious. Get some prune juice in :o and lots of walking will take your mind off the moods as well as help clear your lungs out. This WILL pass. :)


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