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Day 6 - again

Hi all.

I lost my quit a couple of weeks ago, smoked all day every day for six days and then managed to stop again. So here I am back on day six. I just couldn't relax and enjoy smoking again because I knew I'd end up having to quit again sooner or later. I decided to make it sooner in the hopes of avoiding having to go through the awful withdrawals. It's been pretty easy so far. Nowhere near as bad as when I first quit back in January. I know I've had a narrow escape. I could so easily have got sucked back into the abyss....

If you're thinking of smoking just one... DON'T. It's not worth it.


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Oh what a shame Sue .. it's good to see you back though.

Not sure that I am not secretly jealous that you smoked your head off for a few days straight though ... I know I can never do that again as i just couldn't go through this quit sxxt again!!

Great that you are back and surviving it better .. all the best; the fact that you couldn't enjoy the cigs because you knew in the back of your mind you would have to give up again some day means you really want to quit so you have no reason why you can't succeed. You obviously just needed to re-affirm the fact you really do want to quit.

GO girl .. you can do it. Welcome home lol!!

Jodi x :p


Hey there

Hey Sue,

So sorry to see you back at day 6 but at the same time so pleased you are quit again.

Well done on doing it so soon!!!

I had a little slip last week and have started having smoking thoughts again. Its a bummer but not sure I could face a quit again if I had gone back on them so I take my hat off to you.

Glad its a little easier this time. Keep reading and stay strong Sue. You can do it!!



well done sue on your day 6

getting yourself back into it takes a lot...proud of you :)


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